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14th August 2015, 09:23 AM
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Re: NIT Calicut Production Engineering Syllabus

Here I am giving you B.Tech. (Production Engineering) Syllabus of National Institute of Technology Calicut……. Please have a look…

Nature of the Program: Full Time

Duration: 4 Years

Sanctioned Intake: 31

First & Second Semester: Common for all branches

Third Semester
MA201T: Mathematics III

Probability distributions, Random variables, mean and variance of probability distributions, Chebyshev’s theorem, joint distributions, Sampling distributions and inference concerning means, sampling distribution of the variance, tests of hypothesis, Inference concerning variance, test for goodness of fit, regression analysis, analysis of variance, completely randomized designs.

Text Book:

1. Johnson R.A, Miller& Freund’s Probability and Statistics for Engineers, 5thEdn., Prentice Hall Ltd., 1995

ME210T: Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Fluid statics, pressure measurement, forces on bodies, Fluid dynamics, one dimensional equations for fluid flow, Bernoulli equation and its applications, introduction to multi dimensional flow, Pumping Machinery, centrifugal pumps and reciprocating pumps, Turbines, Generation of power from fluid flow, Francis, Kaplan and Pelton Turbines.


1. Shames, I.H., Fluid Mechanics, McGraw Hill Book Co.
2. Vijay Gupta and Santosh Gupta, ‘Fluid Mechanics and its Applications’, Wiley Eastern Ltd.

ME212T: Elements of Mechanics of Solids

Definition of stress and strain, stress in axially loaded members, generalized Hooke’s laws, Bending stresses in beams, shear force and bending moment diagrams, torsion of circular elastic bars, Transformation of stress and strains for the plane problems, compound stresses, theory of columns.
Text Book:
1. E.P. Popov: Engineering mechanics of Solids, Prentice Hall of India Ltd., New Delhi


1. S.P. Timoshenko & D.H. Young: Elements of Strength of Materials-McGraw Hill-International student Edition.
2. Irving. H. Shames, Introduction to Solid Mechanics.
3. S.H. Crandall, N.C. Dhal & T.J. Lardner: Introduction to Mechanics of Solids-McGraw Hill.

PE213T: Metallurgy and Materials Science

Introduction and overview of engineering materials, Atomic Structure and Bonding, Structure of Crystalline Solids, Imperfections/Defects in Solids, Diffusion in Solids, Mechanical Responses of Metals, Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms, Plastic deformation, Failure Mechanisms of Materials, Phases and Phase Diagrams, Phase Transformations, Metallic alloys, Structure and Properties of Ceramics, Structure and Properties of Polymers and Composites, Materials Selection and Design Principles.

Text Book:

1. Smith, Science of Engineering materials, Prentice-Hall
2. Callister W.D. , Materials Science and Engineering, John Wiley


1. Avner S.H., Introduction to Physical Metallurgy, McGraw Hill
2. Van Vlack L.H., ‘Elements of Material Science and Engineering’, John Wiley
3. Shackelford J.F., Material Science for Engineers
4. Reed Hill, Physical metallurgy Principles, Affiliated East West Press

EE216T: Electrical Measurements and Machines 3

Measurement of power, Basics of rotating machinery, principle of operation, e.m.f and torque equation, d.c. Machines, principles of operation, generators and motors, Transformers, Alternators, synchronous machines, single phase and special machines. Working of AC and DC Servomotors and Principles of Position, Velocity and Force servo control Systems- Applications in CNC Machine Tool drives and Robots.

Text Book:

1. Hughes, K., Electrical Technology, E.L.B.S., 1996
2. Nagrath, I.J., and Kothari, D.P., Electrical Machines, Tata McGraw Hill Ltd., New Delhi, 1997.

ME214D: Machine Drawing

Principles of orthographic view applied to machine drawing, sectional views, threaded fastenings, welded joints, riveted joints, pipe joints, shaft couplings, keyed joints, pulleys, gear teeth and gears, bearings, assembly drawings, engine parts, jigs and fixtures, valves and boiler mountings, Designation of surface texture, limits fits and tolerances, working drawing of simple machine elements, introduction to CAD, Use of Commercially available software packages in Solid Modeling and Simulation.

Text Book:

1. Bhatt N.D. & Panchal V.M., Machine Drawing, Charotar Publishers, New Delhi


1. Narayanan .K.L., Kannaiah P& Reddy K.V., Machine Drawing
2. Pippenger J.& Hicks T., Industrial Hydraulics, McGraw Hill

ME216L: Production Engineering Laboratory

Classification of Machine tools and processes, Machining on centre lathes, study of parts and function, cutting tools, types and materials, Grinding, selection of speeds, feeds and depth of cut, Cutting fluids, methods of work holding, Lathe operations like turning, taper turning and eccentric turning, thread cutting, knurling, drilling boring and profile turning, tolerance and surface finish.

ME256L: Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

Study of Plumbing Tools and pipe fittings, Measurement of Metacentric height and radius of gyration of floating bodies, Measurement of viscosity of fluids, study of
viscosity measuring instruments, study and experimentation on discharge measuring instruments like venturimeter, orificemeter, notces, weirs, nozzle meters and rotameters, Measurement of pressure and velocity, Pipe friction, minor losses in pipes, verification of Bernoulli’s theorem, demonstration of laminar and turbulent flow in pipes, critical velocity, forces on curved and plane surfaces, Evaluation of the performance of turbines, main and operating characteristics, Muschel curves, performance of pumping and other machinery, centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump, gear pump, hydraulic ram and torque converter.

Rest of the syllabus here I am attaching pdf file which is free for download…….


National Institute of Technology Calicut
NIT CAMPUS PO, Chathamangalam
Kozhikode, Kerala 673601


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