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Unregistered 08:49 AM 19th November 2014
Hi I want the question paper of NCC C certificate signal so can you provide me?
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Kiran Chandar 10:18 AM 19th November 2014
Hi, as you want the question paper of NCC C certificate signal so here I am providing you

NCC C certificate question papers

Q1. Tick mark the correct answer from the available options for the following questions :- (5)

1. In 'Vishram', the distance between both feet in inches is___ . ('Vishram' ?) (a) 12 (b) 9 (c) 16 (d) 10

2. How many paces are taken by front and rear ranks in 'Khuli Line-Chal' ? ('Khuli Line-Chal' , , ?) (a)

3 (b) 1 1/2 (c) 2 1/2 (d) 1 3. In 'Bagal Shastr', the Right palm is kept on which part ?('Bagal Shastr' ?)
(a) Butt (b) Pistol Grip (c) Small of the Butt (d) Trigger

4. Which Salute is authorised to The Governor of a State within his jurisdiction ? (, ?)
(a) General salute (b) National salute (c) Salami Sastr (d) None of the above

5. While giving 'Guard of Honour' to the Prime Minister, authorised rank and file is ('Guard of Honour' , ?)
(a) 120 (b) 150 (c) 100 (d) None of the above

Q1. Answers.
1. (a) 12
2. (b) 1 1/2
3. (b) Pistol Grip
4. (b) National salute
5. (a) 120

Q2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate answers :- (6 x 1 = 6) (a) Aim of Drill is to inculcate a sense of _______________________ and improve _______________ .
(b) General salute is given to dignitaries of the rank of ________________ and above.
(c) The word of command for 'Dressing' is _________________________________ .
(d) Salute is authorised to persons of the rank of ______________________ and above.
(e) In ‘Slow March’, the number of paces per minute are ____________.

Q2. Answers.
(a) Discipline, Bearing/smartness/turn out
(b) Major General
(c) Sajje (Dahine Saj / Baen Saj)
(d) Chief Petty Officer
(e) 70


Q3. Fill in the blanks with appropriate answers. ( 5 x ½= 2½)

1. While adjusting the 'Thumb Spring', towards which side does the range increase?

Half question paper is in pdf file
Attached: NCC C certificate signal question papers.pdf (2.86 MB) 
sajalgayali99 04:11 PM 13th January 2015
i want to certificate question 2014-2015
Unregistered 09:37 AM 30th September 2015
plz send me pape at my what no 9592343217
Unregistered 10:16 AM 9th October 2015
Plz send me c question paper my whats app no is 9668430184
kalleshwar mathapati 12:32 PM 30th December 2015
my wats app nom 7353141895 pliz send exampal pepars ncc
Unregistered 02:54 PM 20th January 2016
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
Hi I want the question paper of NCC C certificate signal so can you provide me?
Sir plz provide ncc model paper to me
Reply 07:47 PM 21st January 2016
C certificate lai relative questions with syllabus plz
Unregistered 06:14 PM 30th January 2016
I need n.c.c paper plzz sent me 9145230748
Unregistered 07:18 PM 10th February 2016
I want NCC 'C' exam model questions paper sir please send my what app number is 8098627280
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