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26th July 2018, 03:30 PM
Re: Mumbai University Information Technology Syllabus

Hii sir, I Wants to get the Syllabus of the BE Information Technology III Sem Data Structures & Analysis of the Mumbai University ?
26th July 2018, 03:31 PM
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Re: Mumbai University Information Technology Syllabus

The University of Mumbai, informally known as Mumbai University, is one of the earliest state universities in India and the oldest in Maharashtra.

The Syllabus of the BE Information Technology III Sem Data Structures & Analysis of the Mumbai University is given below

Data Structures & Analysis

Introduction to Data structures and Analysis Data structures : Linear and non linear data structures Arrays, Stacks, Queue, Linked list and Tree, Graph, Recursion, ADT (Abstract Data type). Introduction to Analysis, Algorithms, characteristics of an algorithms, Time and Space complexities, Order of growth functions, Asymptotic notations

Stack Introduction to Stack, Stack as ADT, Operations on stack, Application of stack: reversing string, Polish notations

Introduction to Queue, Queue as ADT, Operations on Queue, Linear representation of queue, Circular Queue, Priority Queue, De-queue, Application of Queues

Linked list Introduction to Linked List, Basic concept of Linked List, Memory allocation & de allocation of Linked list, Singly Linked list, Doubly Linked list, Circular linked list, Operations on linked list, Linked representation of stack, Linked representation of Queue, Application of linked list.

Sorting and Searching Introduction to Sorting: Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Shell Sort, Radix sort. Analysis of Sorting Techniques. Comparison of sorting Techniques search, Binary search, Hashing Techniques, Different Hash functions, Collision& Collision resolution techniques, Analysis of searching Techniques.

Tree And Graph

Introduction to Graph, Introduction Graph Terminologies, Graph Representation, Type of graphs, Graph traversalepth first search(DFS)&Breadth First search(BFS), Minimum Spanning Tree : Prims & Kruskals Shortest Path Algorithm Dijkstras Algorithm. Applications of graph

For more Information you may Contact to the Mumbai University the Contact details Are given below

Contact Details
Mumbai University
Address: Kolivery Village, University of Mumbai,Vidya Nagari, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098
Phone: 022 2654 3000

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