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4th July 2015, 02:09 PM
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Re: Madras University question papers for B.Sc Microbiology

University of Madras or MU is a Teaching-cum-Affiliating University which is over 150 years old. The Public Appeal dated 11-11-1839 commences the institution of Madras University. It was in January 1840 with Mr. George Norton as its President, that the University Board was constituted.

As you want to know about the question paper/ syllabus of B.Sc in microbiology semester I from Madras University so I want to tell you that this time I have only syllabus but next time I will provide you the paper too.

Syllabus of Microbiology I semester

University of Madras
B.Sc. Degree course in Microbiology
Semester system with credits
(Effective from the Academic Year 2003-2004)


Semester I - Paper I - MCC-101 - General Microbiology

Duration of Examination: 3 hrs
Max Marks: 100
Credits: 4

Unit I :

Definition and scope of Microbiology - History and recent developments - spontaneous generation - Biogenesis-contributions of Louis Pasteur - Leewenboek, Lazaro Spallanzani, John Tyndall, Joseh Lister - Robert Koch. Microscopy: simple, compound light microscopy - Dark ground - Phase contrast - Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy. Microbial kingdoms - Five kingdoms - cell theory - Binomial nomenclature of microbes - species concept - Description of organisms - Classical approach with examples.

Unit II :

Anatomy of prokayotes and eukaryotes - structure and function of cell wall, cilia, flagella, slime layer, capsule, pili, cytoplamic membrane and cytoplasmic inclusions, sporulation. Kingdom prokaryotes - classical techniques of microbial identification - morphological, physiological and biochemical properties.

Unit III :

Sterilisation principles - dry heat, moist heat, filtration, Tyndallization, Pasteurization, Radiation - disinfection - Antimicrobial chemotherapy - Antibiotics - source - classification - mode of action - Antimicrobial resistance - Tests for sensitivity to antimicrobial agents and its quality control.

Contact details:
Madras University
University Building, Chepauk Campus,
Tamil Nadu 600005, India
Phone no: (044) 25399778, 25393409, 25393422, 25368496, 25368778
Fax: (044) 25366693
Email: vc@unom.ac.in

6th January 2016, 09:51 AM
Re: Madras University question papers for B.Sc Microbiology

Hello sir, I’m going to attempt B.Sc microbiology examination from Madras University. Before exam I want Madras University previous year question paper for B.Sc Microbiology please provide me?
6th January 2016, 09:51 AM
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Re: Madras University question papers for B.Sc Microbiology

Madras University question papers for B.Sc Microbiology APRIL 2004:

PART A – (10 X two = 20 marks)

Ans ALL ques.

All ques. carry equal marks

Every ans should not exceed 50 words

1. What are high energy compounds? Name a few of them.
2. Give the sequence of electron transport chain.
3. Why is RUBiscO an important protein on our planet?
4. Give the reactions for the conversion of CO2 to 3-PGA.
5. How does galatose enter glycolytic pathway?
6. Compute the energetics of aerobic glycolysis.
7. Give the irreversible reaction of TCA cycle.
8. What is the importance of Cori-cycle?
9. Give the reaction catalyzed by PD-complex.
10. How is lactose synthesized?

PART B – (5 X six = 30 marks)

ans ALL ques.

All ques. carry equal marks

Every ans should not exceed 250 words

11. (a) discuss the Chemios motic hypothesis of ATP synthesis.
(b) Write on Malate/glycerol phosphate shuttle.

12. (a) Write the reactions involved in Hatch-Slack cycle.
(b) Write a note on Bioluminescence.

13. (a) What is gluconeogenesis? provide the reactions involved.
(b) discuss the role of liver in the maintenance of blood sugar level.

14. (a) Write on the metabolism of fructose.
(b) How are Glycoproteins synthesized?

15. (a) discuss the interconversion of protein and carbohydrate.
(b) Write on the interconversion of protein and fatty acids.

PART C – (5 X 10 = 50 marks)

Ans ALL ques.

Every ans should not exceed 500 words.

16. (a) How is organization of electron transport chain established?
(b) discuss the Mitochondrial transport system.

17. (a) explain the Non-cyclic photo-phosphorylation.
(b) discuss the reactions and significance of photorespiration.

18. (a) How is glycogen mobilized? discuss its regulation.
(b) How is glucose converted to Lactate? provide all the reactions of this pathway.

19. (a) discuss the biosynthesis of Bacterial cell wall polysaccharides.
(b) provide the individual reactions of TCA cycle. How is this pathway regulated?

20. (a) discuss the role of TCA cycle in the interconversion of fuel molecules.
(b) explain the metabolic profile of a few of the organs.


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