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10th September 2015, 01:14 PM
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Re: Kumaun University BSC 1 Syllabus

As you want I am here giving you Syllabus of Physics for B. Sc. I year course of Kumaun University.

Syllabus :

I Paper: Mechanics and Properties of matter

Unit-I Vectors
Triple product of vectors, scalar and vector fields, Differentiation of vectors (line, surface
and volume integration), applications of vectors to linear and rotational quantities, Del
operator, Gradient, Divergence and Curl of vectors, circular motion, Gauss’s, Stoke’s
and Green’s theorem (Examples to be given from physical situations).

Unit-II Gravitation (Field and Potentials)
Law of Gravitation, Gravitational field and potential, Gravitational potential energy,
escape velocity, Gravitational Field Intensity and Potential for a spherical shell, solid
sphere and circular disc, Gauss’s & Poisson equations for gravitational self energy,
Inverse square law of forces, Kepler’s laws for planetary motion.

Unit-III Conservation Laws
Concept of inertial and Non-inertial frames of references, Work-Energy principle,
conservative forces, conservative force as the negative gradient of potential energy, Law
of conservation of total energy and momentum. Centre of mass, variable mass, the rocket,
conservation of angular momentum.

Unit-IV Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
Equation of motion, angular momentum vector, moment of inertia, theorem of parallel
and perpendicular axes, moment of inertia of, a rod, rectangular lamina, circular lamina,
solid sphere, spherical shell and cylinder, kinetic energy of rotation, Rolling motion along
a slope, Torque and precession, compound pendulum.

Unit-V Properties of Matter
Inter relations between elastic constants, torsion of a cylinder, Bending of beam,
cantilever, shape of Girders, Viscosity, Stoke’s law, Posieuille’s formula, capillaries in
series and parallel, Equation of continuity, Bernoulli’s theorem, surface tension,
molecular interpretation.

Syllabus Physics for B. Sc. I year - Kumaun University

Kumaun University
Sleepy Hallow
Nainital, Uttarakhand 263001


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