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21st August 2014, 02:22 PM
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Re: Karnataka SSLC exam Past Question paper

Here I am providing you the last year question paper of Karnataka SSLC Language III – English Exam

1. Bhima tried to frighten the monkey when
(A) it had asked him to jump over it
(B) it had blocked his way
(C) it asked him to move aside its tail
(D) he came to know that it was Hanuman.
Ans. :

2. When Bhima understood that the monkey was stronger than him, his feeling was
one of
(A) contempt
(B) respect
(C) dejection
(D) disappointment.
Ans. :
3. Gandhiji was ashamed of his handwriting when
(A) he was studying in school
(B) he was scolded by his teachers
(C) he became a lawyer
(D) he saw the beautiful handwriting of lawyers.
Ans. :
4. Gandhiji requested the headmaster to exempt him from gymnastics because
(A) it was not a part of education according to him
(B) his physique was not suited to do gymnastics
(C) he wanted to serve as a nurse to his father
(D) he disliked the school education.
Ans. :

5. The Duchess was on strike because
(A) she was hungry
(B) her brother asked her to do so
(C) she disliked her father
(D) her father had moved from the city to a small town.
Ans. :
6. What kind of a girl was the Duchess ?
(A) She was innocent
(B) She was sensitive
(C) She was careless
(D) She was arrogant.
Ans. :
7. One word for a person who studies about sun, moon and the stars is
(A) an astronomer (B) an astrologer
(C) an astronaut (D) a scientist.
Ans. :
8. Narendra was good ........................ studies.
The suitable preposition to fill in the blank is
(A) in (B) at
(C) for (D) on.
Ans. :
9. The students at Karnal gathered again not to celebrate .................. to mourn.
The suitable conjunction to fill in the blank is
(A) and (B) because
(C) but (D) so.
Ans. :
10. Chandrasekhar had .................... passion for .................... game of cricket.
The suitable pair of articles to fill in the blank is
(A) the, an (B) the, a
(C) a, the (D) an, the.
Ans. :
11. The word that does not rhyme with the other three is
(A) good (B) food
(C) stood (D) should.
Ans. :
12. Which one of the following words takes the prefix ‘in’ ?
(A) possible (B) grateful
(C) religious (D) justice.
Ans. :
13. Vidhana Soudha is a .................... building.
Fill in the blank choosing the correct form of the word.
(A) beauty (B) beautify
(C) beautiful (D) beautifully.
Ans. :
14. ‘‘Like a hurt bitch, she bared her teeth.’’
The figure of speech used here is
(A) simile (B) metaphor
(C) alliteration (D) personification.
Ans. :
15. Daksha was an intelligent girl.
The underlined word in the sentence is a/an
(A) noun (B) adjective
(C) verb (D) adverb.
Ans. :
II. Fill in the blanks : 5 × 1 = 5
16. Fill in the blank with suitable auxiliary verb given in brackets :
...................... ( Do / Does ) your teachers teach well ?
Ans. : __________________________________________________ ___________________________
__________________________________________________ _________________________________
17. Fill in the blank with suitable tense form of the verb given in brackets :
Vikram Sarabhai ..................... ( be + award ) Ph. D. by the Cambridge University.
Ans. :

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