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25th September 2014, 09:48 AM
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Re: Karnataka SSLC English Exam Question Paper

Here is the list of few questions of Karnataka SSLC English Exam which you are looking for .

1. Caliphs were
(A) Muslim rulers of Arabia (B) rulers of Delhi
(C) rulers of Rome (D) merchants of Arabia.
2. According to Lucy Shakespeare was civilized because
(A) grown-up people make great fuss about his works
(B) he was a great man
(C) he wrote plays that people of all ages are proud of
(D) he wrote plays what being civilized is.
3. The narrator says that his walk was beneficial because
(A) he has good company
(B) he enjoyed beautiful scenery on his way
(C) he learns something new now and then
(D) the morning air is fresh and clean.
4. We grown-ups, according to the author, are
(A) always silly
(B) good at imputing motives to children’s action
(C) foolish not to understand children
(D) good at judging objectively.

5. The white man was at first surprised at the narrator’s outburst and eventually, he
also smiled because
(A) the narrator was his friend
(B) the narrator was explaining without introducing himself
(C) both the little boys were his sons
(D) he was puzzled at the narrator’s foolishness.
6. The story ‘Jamaican Fragment’ depicts
(A) how we recall our childhood memories, when we see children play
(B) how we jump to conclusion due to our prejudicial thoughts
(C) an incident which proved the author that there was no racial discrimination in
his country
(D) an incident which proved the author that the black dominated the whites in his
7. I never read ‘Blue Book’ for pleasure. The ‘Blue Book’ refers to
(A) a magazine named as Blue Book
(B) an official report by Government
(C) a blue coloured book
(D) an official book of law.
8. In order that the liberties of all may be preserved
(A) the liberties of everybody must be curtailed
(B) the liberties of everybody must be enjoyed
(C) the liberties of a few must be curtailed
(D) the liberties of a few must be enjoyed.
9. Dr. Pramod Sethi developed the ‘Jaipur foot’, which won him
(A) Padma Bhushan award
(B) Arjuna award
(C) Nobel prize
(D) Magsaysay award.
10. “Congratulation, you have made it.” This statement was told by
(A) Sudha’s guru
(B) Sudha’s father
(C) Sudha’s fan
(D) Dr. Pramod Sethi.

11. The two gun boats, INS Sukanya and Sharada were
(A) trying to stop Mihir Sen from swimming ahead
(B) not able to keep track with Mihir Sen
(C) lending support in navigation of the swim
(D) could not stop Mihir Sen from waving off the rules and regulations.
12. Aksionov lived in Siberia as a convict for
(A) twenty years (B) twelve years
(C) twenty-six years (D) twenty-four years.
13. The prisoners called Aksionov, Grand dad and a Saint because
(A) he led a simple and pious life
(B) he sang in the choir in the prison church
(C) he gave message on religion
(D) he was meek.
14. Aksionov stopped again after travelling for about twenty-five kilometres since
(A) his horses had to be fed
(B) he wanted to rest a while
(C) he saw troika following him
(D) he wanted to play his guitar.
15. Aksionov was shocked and pained at heart because
(A) he was suspected by his wife (B) he was imprisoned
(C) he was flogged with a knout (D) he was charged with murder.
16. Dr. Follicle examined his patient by using a
(A) stethoscope (B) magnifying glass
(C) clipper (D) razor.
17. “To face the cruel and inevitable act.” The act refers to
(A) being operated upon (B) being ‘X’ rayed
(C) being subjected to heart test (D) being shaved.
18. The shoe shine boy polished only the left shoe because
(A) he was a left handed
(B) he had specialized in the use of left hand
(C) he had no right hand
(D) he was seated at the left side.

19. The consultant waved the question of the fees aside because
(A) he was not interested in money
(B) collection of fees was done at a different specialised counter
(C) he was a generous man
(D) he didn’t want to scare the man away.
20. In the lesson ‘A Warrior Princess’ a father and his daughter pursue a common cause
(A) utter disappointment (B) fiery determination
(C) vengeance (D) sacrifice.
21. Balaram felt miserable and regretted his folly. The word ‘folly’ refers to
(A) fight a mock, fight with Revathi
(B) asking for forgiveness
(C) crying of Revathi
(D) sending Revathi’s mace flying into the air in the fight.
22. Gresham wanted Baldwin to say just three words at the trial. The three words were
(A) I don’t know (B) I know everything
(C) I can’t say (D) I don’t remember.
23. When Baldwin rejected the money, Gresham was not surprised because he knew that
(A) was very rich and did not need money
(B) was hard working
(C) was not greedy
(D) was honest to the core.
24. Baldwin was ready to hide the truth because
(A) he wanted to save Gresham
(B) he too had his share of money
(C) he didn’t take the matter seriously
(D) he knew that he would be bribed.
25. The poet’s view in ‘Anikethana’ on the ultimate goal of human life is to
(A) attain spiritual upliftment (B) become immortal
(C) become liberated (D) unite the soul with the spirit.

26. In the poem ‘Fidelity’ the enormous barrier is
(A) the thick cloud
(B) high and lofty rock
(C) the mist
(D) the Helvellyn mountain.
27. Send through the tarn a ‘lonely cheer’, the lonely cheer was brought by
(A) a leaping fish (B) the crags
(C) the rushing water (D) the dog’s cry.
28. Sohrab grew up to be a warrior in the
(A) Persian army (B) Tartar army
(C) Roman army (D) Turkish army.
29. The only proof which would convince Rustum that Sohrab was his son, was
(A) his mother’s words
(B) his grandfather’s dress
(C) the griffin seal on Sohrab’s chest
(D) the griffin seal on Sohrab’s arm.
30. “He cramps our style,” suggests that
(A) the sheep dog prevented the tigers from killing the sheep
(B) the sheep dog came in the way of their usual style of killing
(C) the dogs suffered from cramps
(D) the dog did not allow the tigers to attack.
31. “I know the lie of the land” suggests that
(A) the tiger king knew that the people of the land were liars
(B) the tiger king knew the natural features of the enemy’s territory
(C) the tiger king had a clear picture of the situation
(D) the tiger king knew where the land lay.
32. May toss him to my breast. The line suggests that
(A) it might make man to remember god
(B) it might pull man upward
(C) it might reach man upward
(D) it might pull man upward towards god.
33. The poem ‘Encroachment’ is, a message to human kind
(A) about human values
(B) against terrorism
(C) against cruelty on animals
(D) against indiscriminate felling of trees and deforestation.

34. They wore no shoes. Their feet were muddy.
These two sentences can be written in one simple sentence as
(A) Wearing no shoes, their feet were muddy
(B) Their feet were muddy as they wore no shoes
(C) They wore no shoes, so their feet were muddy
(D) Not wearing the shoes, their feet were muddy.
35. Travel .................... India and Sri Lanka was rigidly controlled.
( Insert suitable preposition )
(A) within (B) with
(C) from (D) between.
36. He was .................... eminent personality, who has given us .................... informative
( Insert suitable articles )
(A) an, an (B) the, the
(C) a, a (D) an, the.
37. We learn English .................... Kannada.
( Insert suitable conjunction )
(A) nor (B) or
(C) as well as (D) and.
38. Shakespeare has written many plays.
The correct form of passive voice is
(A) Many plays has been written by Shakespeare
(B) Many plays have been written by Shakespeare
(C) Many plays had been written by Shakespeare
(D) Many plays were written by Shakespeare.
39. The dark boy picked up the sticks, .................... .
( Add suitable question tag )
(A) isn’t he ? (B) didn’t he ?
(C) doesn’t he ? (D) don’t he ?
40. when did you come the teacher asked me
The correct punctuation form is
(A) “When did you come ? the teacher asked me.
(B) “When did you come the teacher asked me.”
(C) “When did you come ?” the teacher asked me.
(D) “When did you come” ? the teacher asked me.

41. Each July we .................... to Turkey for holidays.
The correct form of verb is
(A) are going (B) go
(C) went (D) were going.
42. The arrival of the plane was delayed.
The italicized word is
(A) noun (B) verb
(C) adjective (D) adverb.
43. The pair in which the words do not rhyme with each other is
(A) patter-clatter (B) clink-think
(C) sizzle-jingle (D) rumble-fumble.
44. The synonym of ‘Baffled’ is
(A) confident (B) big fight
(C) confused (D) sarcastic.
45. The guilty was condemned to death.
The antonym of the italicized word is
(A) excused (B) forgiven
(C) appreciated (D) pardoned.
46. Which of the following prefixes makes the word ‘Septic’, a negative word ?
(A) in (B) un
(C) anti (D) non.
47. “Truth sits upon the lips of the dying men.”
The figure of speech is
(A) synecdoche (B) personification
(C) metaphor (D) simile.
48. The word ‘suspen’ can be completed with the suffix
(A) tion (B) sion
(C) cion (D) sen.
49. The one word for a sudden strong wind often bringing rain or snow is
(A) spring (B) spree
(C) shew (D) squall.
50. If I had studied well .................... .
Complete the statement.
(A) I would have scored good marks (B) I would score good marks
(C) I will score good marks (D) I had scored good marks.

For more questions , here is the attachment
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File Type: pdf Karnataka SSLC English Exam Paper.pdf (176.1 KB, 135 views)
22nd November 2014, 12:19 PM
Karnataka SSLC English Exam Question Paper

Will you please provide the question paper of Karnataka SSLC English Exam ?
22nd November 2014, 02:49 PM
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Re: Karnataka SSLC English Exam Question Paper

Here I am providing the information regarding the Karnataka SSLC English Exam Question Paper for your idea .

There are total 63 questions in the paper

Exam paper has matching type questions also .
Karnataka SSLC English exam paper

For the question paper , here is the attachment..............
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File Type: pdf Karnataka SSLC English exam paper.pdf (343.5 KB, 111 views)

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