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Default Re: Karnataka PGCET Syllabus for Biotechnology

Hi buddy here I am looking for Karnataka PGCET Syllabus for Biotechnology paper so would you plz let me know from where I can collect it ??
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Default Re: Karnataka PGCET Syllabus for Biotechnology

As you want here I am giving below Karnataka PGCET Syllabus for Biotechnology paper on your demand :

Microbiology: Fundamentals of Microbiology ; Classification of microorganisms; diversity of
Microorganisms; Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure; Microbial nutrition, growth and
control; Microbial metabolism (aerobic and anaerobic respiration, photosynthesis); Nitrogen
fixation; Chemical basis of mutations and mutagens; Microbial genetics (plasmids,
transformation, transduction, conjugation); Microbial diversity and characteristic features;
Viruses; Microbial Mechanisms of Pathogenicity; Antimicrobial Drugs ; Microbes and human
Biochemistry: Amino Acids , Peptides, Carbohydrates, Lipids: Structure, Function, Methods of
Characterization, Separation Techniques, classification, Clinical Significance.: Nucleic Acids and
Polynucleotides, Biomolecules and their conformation; Weak inter-molecular interactions in bio-
macromolecules; Chemical and functional nature of enzymes; Kinetics of single substrate and bi-
substrate enzyme catalyzed reactions; Bioenergetics; Metabolism (Glycolysis, TCA and Oxidative
phosphorylation); Membrane transport and pumps; Cell cycle and cell growth control; Cell
signaling and signal transduction.
Molecular Biology and Genetics: Basics of Genomics & Proteomics; Molecular structure of
genes and chromosomes; DNA replication and control; Transcription and its control; Translational
processes; Regulatory controls in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; Mendelian inheritance; Gene
interaction; Complementation; Linkage, recombination and chromosome mapping;
Extrachromosomal inheritance; Chromosomal variation; Population genetics; Transposable
elements; Molecular basis of genetic diseases and applications.
Process Biotechnology: Bioprocess technology for the production of cell biomass and
primary/secondary metabolites, such as bakers yeast, ethanol, citric acid, amino acids, exo-
polysacharides, antibiotics and pigments etc.; Microbial production, purification and bioprocess
application(s) of industrial enzymes; Production and purification of recombinant proteins on a
large scale; Chromatographic and membrane based bioseparation methods; Immobilization of
enzymes and cells and their application for bioconversion processes; Aerobic and anaerobic
biological processes for stabilization of solid / liquid wastes; Bioremediation.
Chemical/Bioprocess Engineering: Stoichiometry and chemical equations. Units, dimensions
and conversions; Phase rule; gas-liquid and vapor-liquid systems; Material and energy balance
for non-reacting and reacting systems; First and Second laws of thermodynamics; Laminar and
turbulent flows in fluids; Velocity and pressure drop in pipes; Stokes law and its applications;
Fundamentals of Heat Transfer; Mass transfer coefficient ; Theories of mass transfer.
Kinetics of microbial growth, substrate utilization and product formation; Simple structured
models; Sterilization of air and media; Batch, fed-batch and continuous processes; Aeration and
agitation; Mass transfer in bioreactors; Rheology of fermentation fluids; Scale-up concepts;
Design of fermentation media; Various types of microbial and enzyme reactors; Instrumentation
in bioreactors.

Karnataka PGCET Syllabus for Biotechnology paper

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