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Default Re: Kannada Pada Bandha Exam Solved paper

You are looking for Kannada Pada Bandha Exam Solved paper, I am giving here:

(1) Hitayu includes the following -

(a) Satya Vadinaha (b) Parakrama Seela
(c) Free from the diseases of the body and the mind (d) Possessing good strength

(2) The aetiology of VaTa prakopa include -
(a) Eershya (b) Harsha
(c) Bhaya (d) Loha

(3) Paradi gunas include -
(a) Yukti (b) Manda
(c) Visada (d) Upamana

(4) Pratyaksha pratibandhakara bhavas include -
(a) Avarana (b) Manoanvastha
(c) Abhubhava (d) All the above

(5) Anumana depends upon -
(a) Upamana (b) Tarka
(c) Yukti (d) both b and c

(6) The varieties of Anumana are -
(a) Two (b) Three
(c) Four (d) Five

(7) The prediction growth of crops basing on the coincidence of jala, bhumi, beeja & ruthu is an example
(a) Pratyaksha pramana (b) Yukti pramana
(c) Aptopadesa pramana (d) Upamana pramana

(8) Anumana gneya bhavas in rogi pariksha are -
(a) Ayukshaya by arishtas (b) Dhruthi by aliulyata
(c) Dwesha by pratisheda (d) All the above

(9) The varieties of samanya are -
(a) Two (b) Three
(c) Four (d) Five

(10) According to Navya nyaya, padardhas are classified into two as follows -
(a) Navya and Purana (b) Bhava and Abhava
(c) Samanya and Visesha (d) Para and Apara

(11) The pramana accepted by Charvaka is -
(a) Anumana (b) Yukti
(c) Pratyaksha (d) Sabdha

(12) The varieties of Sannikarsha are -
(a) Six (b) Three
(c) Four (d) Five

(13) The panchaavayava of anumana include -
(a) Paramarsa (b) Karanam
(c) Hetu (d) None

(14) The number of hetvabhasas are -
(a) Three (b) Five
(c) Seven (d) Nine

(15) The varities og nidra include – according to charaka.
(a) Agantuka (b) Vataja
(c) Satvika (d) Rajogunaja

(16) Enviromental sanitation includes -
(a) Hygienic disposal of human wastes (b) Hygienic housing
(c) Control of vectors and rodents (d) All the above

(17) Classification of different types of water include -
(a) Safe water (b) Polluted water
(c) Contaminated water (d) All t he above

(18) ………… is a dhoomapana dtavya.
(a) Amalki (b) Sarkara
(c) Pippai (d) Chitraka

(19) Most effective method of disinfecting well water is -
(a) Boiling (b) By bleaching powder
(c) By filter beds (d) None

(20) Pranayama and Udwejana have been prescribed by Susruta for the treatment of -
(a) Kasa (b) Shirasoola
(c) Vata roga (d) Hicca

(21) Water borne infective disease are -
(a) Para typhoid (b) Weils disease
(c) Fish tape worm (d) All the above

(22) Sneha gandusha prevents-
(a) Kasa (b) Kanthasosha
(c) Pratisyaya (d) Sirassula

(23) The number of Kalas for administration of prayogika dhooma according to vruddha vahbhata are -
(a) Four (b) Five
(c) Six (d) Eight

(24) The common methods of adulterating milk after extraction of fat to make the consistency of milk thicker is -
(a) Boric acid (b) Borax
(c) Arrowroot (d) All the above

(25) How many times danta dhawana is to be adopted by a healthy person in a day with twigs according to charaka
(a) Once (b) Twice
(c) Thrice (d) Before every meal
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