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16th August 2014, 09:46 AM
Jindal Steel Instrumentation and Control Engg Exam Syllabus

I am looking for Jindal Steel Instrumentation and Control Engg Exam Syllabus, will you please provide here???
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16th August 2014, 10:19 AM
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Re: Jindal Steel Instrumentation and Control Engg Exam Syllabus

You are looking for Jindal Steel Instrumentation and Control Engg Exam Syllabus, i am giving here:

Basics of Circuits and Measurement Systems:
It include topics-

Kirchoff’s laws, nodal and mesh Analysis. Circuit theorems. Two-port and one-port Network Functions. dynamic and static characteristics of Measurement Systems. Statistical analysis of data and curve fitting. Error and uncertainty analysis.

Transducers, Mechanical Measurement and Industrial Instrumentation:
It include topics-

Capacitive ,Resistive, Inductive and piezoelectric transducers and their signal conditioning. Measurement of Velocity, displacement and acceleration (rotational and translational ), force, vibration, torque and shock. Measurement of pressure, temperature, flow and liquid level. Measurement of pH, viscosity, conductivity and humidity

Analog Electronics:
It include topics-Characteristics of diode, JFET,BJT and MOSFET. Diode circuits. Transistors at high and low frequencies, Amplifiers, multi-stage and single-stage. Feedback amplifiers. Operational amplifiers, characteristics and circuit configurations. Instrumentation amplifier. Precision rectifier. I-to-V and V-to-I converter. Op-Amp based active filters. Oscillators and signal generators

Digital Electronics:
It include topics-Combinational logic circuits, minimization of Boolean functions. IC families, MOS, TTL and CMOS. Arithmetic circuits. Schmitt trigger, Comparators, timers and mono-stable multi-vibrator. Sequential circuits, counters, flip-flops, shift registers. Multiplexer, S/H circuit. Digital-to-Analog converters and Analog-to-Digital. Basics of number system. Microprocessor applications, input-output interfacing and memory. Microcontrollers.

Signals, Systems and Communications:
It include topics-.aperiodic and periodic signals. Impulse response, transfer function and frequency response of second and first order systems. Convolution, correlation and characteristics of linear time invariant systems. Discrete time system, frequency and impulse response. Pulse transfer function. FIR and IIR filters. frequency and Amplitude modulation and demodulation. Sampling theorem, pulse code modulation. time and frequency division multiplexing. Frequency shift keying, Amplitude shift keying and pulse shift keying for digital modulation.

Electrical and Electronic Measurements:
It include topics-potentiometers and Bridges, measurement of R,C and L. Measurements of current,Voltage, power factor, power and energy. D.C & A.C current probes. Extension of instrument ranges. Q-meter and waveform analyzer. Digital voltmeter and multi-meter. phase, Time and frequency measurements. Cathode ray oscilloscope. parallel and Serial communication. Shielding and grounding.

Control Systems and Process Control:
Devices that control,administer,supervise or directs other devices.It include topics- Signal flow graphs. Feedback principles. Transient Response, steady-state-errors. Nyquist and Routh criteria. root loci Bode plot. Time delay systems. Gain and phase margin. State space representation of systems. hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic system components. Synchro pair, servo and step motors. On-off, cascade, P-I,P, P-I-D, feed forward and derivative controller, Fuzzy controllers.

Analytical, Optical and Biomedical Instrumentation:
Large class of instruments use to study materials and to set up the composition.Develop, manufacture and utilize tools for optical purpose(optical) . To Monitore low voltage biological signals(biomedical).It include topics-Mass spectrometry. UV, visible and IR spectrometry. X-ray and nuclear radiation measurements. Optical sources and detectors, laser,LED, Photo-diode, photo-resistor and their characteristics. Interferometers, applications in metrology. Basics of fiber optics. Biomedical instruments, ECG,EEG and EMG. Clinical measurements. Ultrasonic transducers and Ultrasonography. Principles of Computer Assisted Tomography

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