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23rd January 2017, 08:29 AM
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Re: Jamia Hamdard University BCA

As you want syllabus of BCA 3rd Semester Course of Jamia Hamdard University, so here I am providing detailed syllabus:

Jamia Hamdard University BCA 3rd Semester Syllabus
BCA 301 (Numerical Methods and Statistical Techniques Numerical Methods)
Numerical methods versus numerical analysis, Errors and Measure of Errors.
Non-linear Equations, Iterative solutions, multiple roots and other difficulties,
interpolation methods, BI-section, false position methods, Newton Raphson-Methods.
Simultaneous Solutions of Equations, Gauss elimination Methods, Gauss Jordan
methods, Gauss Siedel methods.
Interpolations and curve fitting, lagrangian polynomials, Newton’s methods: Forward
Difference methods, Backward Difference methods, Divided difference methods.
Numerical Integration: Trapezoidal Rule, Simpson 1/3 Rule Simpson’s 3/8 Rule.
Numerical Differentiation by polynomial Fit.
Statistical techniques:
Measure of central tendency, Preparing frequency distribution table. Mean, arithmetic
mean, Harmonic Mean. Median , mode.
Measure of dispersion, skewness and kurtosis Ranges, Mean deviation. Standard
deviation, co-efficiency of variation, Moments, skewness, kurtosis.

BCA 302 (Fundamental Concepts of Operating Systems)
Operating systems overview: Computer System Structure, operating systems structure,
OS functions, facilities; Processes: introduction, concurrency, inter process
communication, classical problems, process scheduling, Memory management:
swapping, virtual memory segmentation. File systems: files, directories, file system
implementation, security, and protection mechanism. Input/output: principles of
input/output hardware and software, disks, clocks, terminals. Deadlocks: introduction,
detection, recovery, and prevention; Coordinated Case Study of Unix and Windows.

BCA 303 (Introduction to Object Programming using C++)
OOP Programming methodologies: concepts of structured and object oriented programming;
advantage of OOP methodologies, characteristics of OOP languages: objects, classes,
Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, inheritance, reusability, polymorphism and operator
overloading, function overloading;
Programming in C++
Data types, constants, expressions and statements, Arrays Strings, function overloading,
functions, friend functions, in line functions. Constructors and destructors, derived
classes, friend classes, operator overloading, support for data abstraction, derived class,
base class, pointers and arrays, pointers and functions, support for OOP.

BCA 304 (System Programming Concepts & Design)
Mathematical preliminaries, sets, relations and functions, graphs and trees, strings, theory
of automata, DFA, NFA, acceptability of a string by finite automata, minimization of
finite automata, applications of finite automata-lexical analysis, text editors etc.
Introduction to formal languages-regular grammars, context free grammar, context
sensitive grammar. Evolution of the Components of a Programming System, compilers,
Assemblers, loaders Absolute loader, relocating loader, direct linkage loader, linkers,
Macros, Variety of software tools, Text editors, Interpreters and program generators
Debug Monitor.
Compilers: Basic concepts, compilers and interpreters, pass of a compilers, phases-lexical
phase, syntax phase. Semantic analysis phase, parser, top down, bottom up parsing,
translation schemes, type analysis and type checking, code generation phase and
optimization, Symbol table management, error handling.

Jamia Hamdard University BCA 3rd Semester Syllabus

26th February 2023, 12:10 PM
Re: Jamia Hamdard University BCA

can i get 2018 to 2020 previous year papers for bca 102 and bca 103 1sem question papers

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