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21st October 2014, 08:20 AM
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Re: IGNOU MBA Question paper

As you want the question paper of Management Functions and Behaviour of MBA of IGNOU so here I am providing you

Management Functions and Behavior Question paper

Section – A

1. Define and describe the concept of 'Management Processes'. Enumerate the processes all the managers essentially have to be concerned with. Discuss any two processes with relevant examples.

2. Explain and differentiate between the concepts viz; Mission, Objectives, Goals, and Strategy in the context of an organisation. Cite examples.

3. What causes organizational conflict ? Briefly explain different views about conflict with suitable examples.

4. What are the determinants of Inter-personal Behaviour ? Describe with suitable examples.

5. Write short notes on any three of the following:
(a) MIS
(b) Decision making under different States of Nature
(c) Antecedents of organizational change.
(d) Factors influencing the choice of organization structure
(e) Leadership styles.

Section – B

6. Please read the case and answer the questions given at the end. Major Mohanty, a retired man from the army, joined company as MD in Sunrise LiMited, when the company was passing through a very bad period with declining production and productivity, heavy losses and low morale of the employees. Major Mohanty, after having made in-depth, logical and strategic studies of the situation,
immediately flagged on what he called 'operation rejuvenation', with exclusive thrust on production and productivity related issues. People related matters were of no consequence for him, for he believed that people, by and large, are dull, lazy, shirkers and non-starters and as such work should be extracted from them only through constant
watch, close supervision, complete and rigorous command and control. His style of functioning did yield some results, but before any impact could be seen, he abruptly
left the organisation, having got a better assignment in the United States of America.
Major Mohanty was immediately succeeded by Mr. Soni, a man who had made a name for his balanced approach to people and production through participative style of management in his immediate position as the Deputy MD of a large organization in a similar product line. He was, in fact, commended for his maximum concern for
both people and production, and for bringing about an ideal integration and harmony between the needs of the employees and those of production.

In the present company also, Mr. Soni continued his policies of participative management with equal concern for both production and people. With a view to reviving
the company back to health, he instituted some major changes. First of all, he decentralised the organisation so that the subordinates could exercise their discretion
and initiative in decision making, as also their imagination and creativity in performing other managerial functions. Further he empowered the junior managers to incur
expenditure upto an approved limit without seeking prior approval of the higher management. The communication system was also improved to facilitate free flow of
upward and downward communication.

Mr. Soni also adopted several measures to reduce costs and wasteful expenditure. He banned donations to charitable institutions, but increased the amount being spent on the welfare activities of the employees.

14th December 2015, 10:52 AM
Re: IGNOU MBA Question paper

Dear sir would you please provides me IGNOU question paper for MBA MS-1 : management functions and Behaviour ?
14th December 2015, 10:56 AM
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Re: IGNOU MBA Question paper

Here we provides you some question MS 1 management function and behaviour as follows

What managerial skills are required at different
levels of management and why ? Briefly describe

2. Explain the concept of MBO. Describe its key
features. Critically analyse the extent of feasibility
and usefulness of MBO in present day business

3. How do conflicts get generated in an
organisational situation ? How does it impact
the group behaviour and functioning of the
organisation ? Explain with relevant examples.

4. Define 'Controlling' and discuss the 'Control
Process'. Explain with examples the
pre-requisites. Identify characteristics of an
effective control system, and the method of
exercising control in a structured set-up.

5. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Determinants of Inter-personal behaviour

(b) Resistance to Change

(c) Channels of Communication

(d) Models of Decision- making

(e) Group Formation

Here we provide you PDF file for question paper

PDF FILE OF MS-1 : management functions and Behaviour FOR IGNOU

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