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29th July 2014, 02:45 PM
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Re: IGNOU BCA Question Paper

Here I am providing the list of few questions of BCA Question Paper of IGNOU which you are looking for .

Note: Question number 1 is compulsory. Attempt any three questions from the rest.

1. (a) List and explain the functions of various windows that are displayed when the Visual Basic application gets loaded in the design mode. (10)
(b) For each of the category of the functions given below, give at least three functions, their purpose and an example for each: (10)
(i) String functions
(ii) Financial functions

(c) Write an event procedure in VB to simulate the handset of a mobile-phone covering the features like contacts, messages,settings and log (for the calls)" Design a sample layout. Make necessary assumptions, if needed, and list them.

2. (a) Write the file extension names for the following VB files:

(i) Project file
(ii) Form module file
(iii) Custom control file
(iv) Standard modules file
(v) Class module files
(vi) Resource file

(b) Write an event procedure in VB to find the sum and average of the list of 3 “n" numbers given as input. Draw the layout of the user interface also. (6)

3. (a) With the help of an example, write the process of creating a procedure using the insert procedure dialog box. (8)

(c) Write an event procedure in VB to check whether the given string is a palindrome or not and find the length of the string also. (7)

4 (a) Write the step-by-step procedure to change the design of the existing table. Illustrate this with the help of an example. (9)

(b) Explain the functionalities of the following controls, when placed on VB-form: (6)

(i) Db list
(ii) Db Combo
(iii) Db Grid

5. (a) Explain the following terms used in the object linking and embedding: (7)

(i) Object
(ii) Linked object
(iii) Embedded object
(iv) Container application
(v) Source application

(b) Write an event procedure in VB to calculate the total marks,average , percentage and corresponding grade, if marks for 5 courses (including assignments and term-end for each course) are given. Note that, pass in both the assignments, and term-end is compulsory in order to declare the candidate uccessfully passed in a course. Assumptions can be made wherever necessary. Draw the layout for the user interface. (8)

1.(a) What is the need of protocols in communication? Draw the mapping of OSI & TC P /lP model showing different protocols included in TCP / lP . (6)

(b) Explain what is an ICMP. List any four functions of ICMP. (4)

(c) Explain the three-way handshake mechanism used by TCP for connection establishment. (5)

(d) What is HTTP? Explain any four methods used by HTTP for data transfer. (5)

(e) What are the rules of determining IP address classes? Explain. (5)

(f) Differentiate between broadcasting and multicasting. How are the socket options set for broadcasting and multicasting? (5)

2. (a) What is count-to-infinite problem in distance vector routing ? Show with the help of an example. (5)

(b) What is the meaning of Type of Service field used in the header of IP datagram? Also, explain the maximum number of hops that a datagram can remain in, in the network before it is discarded. (5)

3. (a) What are the various services offered by TCP to a running process on application layer? Explain. (5)

(b) Write the algorithm for connectionless and concurrent server: (5)

4. (a) Differentiate between Stateful and Stateless Programs (Servers). Why is designing of stateful server difficult? (5)

(b) What is byte ordering? Explain the functions used for byte order conversion. (5)

5. Explain the syntax of the following system calls along with meaning of parameters used by them: (10)

(a) getservbyname ( )
(b) inet-addr ( )
(c) recvfrom ( )
(d) send ( )
(e) shutdown ( )
21st May 2015, 04:44 PM
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Re: IGNOU BCA Question Paper

Here you want some question papers of BCA of IGNOU, so I am providing following question papers for you:

IGNOU BCA Question Paper (Computer Basic and PC Software)

IGNOU BCA Question Paper (Basics Mathematics)

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