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13th April 2015, 02:15 PM
Eso 202 iitk

Hey, I missed some lectures of the ESO 202 Thermodynamics subject of IITK. Will you tell me how I can get the notes of that lectures of the ESO 202 Thermodynamics. Is the notes available online . is the videos of the lectures available on IIK website ?
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22nd August 2018, 07:57 AM
Re: Eso 202 iitk

Can you provide me the Assignment - ESO 202A/204: Mechanics of Solids (2016-17 II Semester) for IITK (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)?
22nd August 2018, 08:01 AM
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Re: Eso 202 iitk

The Assignment - ESO 202A/204: Mechanics of Solids (2016-17 II Semester) for IITK (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur) is as follows:

ESO 202A/204: Mechanics of Solids (2016-17 II Semester)

Assignment No 1

1.1 A drum of 600 mm radius with mass centre G has a weight of 16 kN and rests on a cradle consisting of two long rollers of 240 mm diameter. The rollers rest on a smooth horizontal surface and are prevented from separating by a horizontal links, one at each end of the rollers. Calculate the tension T in each link and the reaction R between the drum and each roller (Fig 1.1).

1.2 The 1.5 kN beam AB carries a 2.5 kN load at B. The beam is held by a fixed support at A and by cable CD which is attached to the counterweight W. (a) If W = 6.5 kN, determine the reactions at A. (b) Determine the range of W for which the magnitude of the moment at A does not exceed 2.5 kN-m (Fig 1.2).

1.3 A 1.5m 2.0m signboard (ABCD) of uniform density weighs 1.35 kN and is supported by a ball and socket at A and by two cables. Determine the tension in each cable and the reaction at A. (Fig 1.3)

1.4 An electric motor is mounted on a three-point support as shown (Fig 1.4). The motor weighs 100N, which may be assumed to act at the center of the motor. Before starting, the belt tensions are 140N each. When running, the motor is delivering a torque of 3Nm. What are the reactions at supports A, B, and C when the motor is running? (Hint: Assume the supports A, B, and C transmit no torque or moments and are frictionless. Also assume that the mean tension in the belt remains unchanged). [Refer Problem 1.29 in the text book].

1.5 A 1000N wheel rolls on its hub up the circular incline under the action of a 250N weight attached to a cord around the rim. Determine the angle θ at which the wheel comes to rest, assuming the friction is sufficient to prevent slippage. What is the minimum coefficient of friction that will permit this position to be reached with no slipping (Fig 1.5)?

Assignment - ESO 202A 204: Mechanics of Solids (2016-17 II Semester) for IIT Kanpur

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