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1st June 2018, 02:32 PM
Re: CUSAT M Tech VLSI Syllabus

Hi buddy here I am looking for CUSAT university M.Tech VLSI Technology And Design paper syllabus so would you plz let me know from where I can do download it ??
1st June 2018, 02:32 PM
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Re: CUSAT M Tech VLSI Syllabus

As you want here I am giving below CUSAT university VLSI Technology And Design paper syllabus which part of M.Tech (Electronics & Communication Engineering) program :

Basics of MOS, Bipolar and BiCMOS Device : MOS transistors, nMOS / CMOS
device technology, Basic electrical properties of MOS transistor, V-I relationship,
Threshold Voltage, MOS device as a resistor, MOS device as a capacitor,
Transconductance, Conduction mechanisms in MOS device, Latch up in CMOS, Bipolar
transistor structure and conduction, BiCMOS device, Latch up susceptibility in
MOS Circuit Design Processes and Subsystem Layout: MOS Layers, Stick Diagrams,
Design Rules and Layout, General observations on the Design rules, Layout Diagrams,
Basic Circuit concepts, Inverters. Architectural issues, Gate logic, Combinational logic,
structured design processes, Clock sequential circuits, General considerations for bus
lines, power dissipation, current limitations.
Propagation delays and Scaling in MOSFET : Propagation Delays, Gate delay,
Interconnect delay, Effects of sheet resistance and capacitances, Parasitics and
interconnect impedances, Scaling factors for device parameters, Limitations of scaling,
Constant field and constant voltage scaling, Effects on threshold voltage, Short channel
Basics of VLSI Device Fabrication : Basics of wafer fab processing, FEOL processing,
Basics of oxidation / implantation / lithography / PVDs and CVDs, BEOL process,
Interconnects, Process integration and in-line tests.
High Frequency VLSI Devices and Sub-Micron Trends: Direct band gap
semiconductors, Basics of GaAs material and structure for high frequency applications,
GaAs based devices, MESFETs, RF-CMOS devices, FinFETS, Strained Si and Si-Ge

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