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28th September 2016, 05:04 PM
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Re: CTET EVS Question Paper

CBSE conducts Central Teacher Eligibility Tests twice in a year in January-February and September-October. CTET or State TET is obligatory to end up essential or basic instructor in India. In paper-1, educators need to answer 150 inquiries from Child Development, EVS, Maths, English and Hindi in 150 minutes.

CTET Practice Paper Set- Environmental Science

Directions: Answer the following questions by selecting the most appropriate option.

1. The use of poems and story-telling to explain concepts in an EVS class helps to
(a) Promote the ability to imagine and explore the nature of the world at the local and global level
(b) Make the lesson enjoyable and interesting
(c) Take care of the language and culture diversity among learners
(d) Channelize the energies of the students in the right direction

2. In co-operative learning, older and more proficient students assist younger and lesser skilled students. This leads to
(a) Higher achievement and self-esteem
(b) Conflict between the groups
(c) Intense competition
(d) Higher moral development

3. Seema learns every lesson quickly by rote method, whereas Leena, understands each lesson after discussion and brainstorming. It denotes the development principle of
(a) Individual difference
(b) Inter-relationships
(c) Continuity
(d) General to specific

4. Select form the following a group of diseases caused by mosquitoes
(a) Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya
(b) Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid
(c) Malaria, Dengue, Cholera
(d) Malaria, Chikungunya, Typhoid

5. Select the correct statements about snakes
A. Only four types of poisonous snakes are found in our country.
B. Cobra is a poisonous variety of snakes.
C. A poisonous snake has four hollow tooth (fangs) through which the poison enters the body of a person when the snake bites.
D. Medicine for snake bites is made from the snake’s poison.
(a) B, A and C
(b) A, B and D
(c) B, C and D
(d) C, D and A

6. Select the correct characteristics of petroleum from the following
(a) Smelly, thick, dark coloured oil
(b) Pleasant smelling, thin, blue coloured liquid
(c) Smelly, thin, pale liquid
(d) Dense and dark fluid without smell

7. For making Madhubani paintings the artists use
(a) Coloured paste of powdered rice
(b) Specially made poster colours
(c) Fibre paints of very good quality
(d) Paints made by dissolving silver and gold

8. Dyslexia is associated mainly with difficulties in
(a) Reading
(b) Speaking and hearing
(c) Hearing
(d) Speaking

9. Exercises and activities in an EVS text-book should be provided
(a) Inbuilt in the topics
(b) At different places in the book
(c) At the end of the unit
(d) At the end of the chapter

10. EVS teacher should
(a) Focus exclusively on experiments
(b) Accept and respect perception of children
(c) Accept and respect views of parents
(d) Focus exclusively on books and tests

11. The best way to assess a child at primary level is to use
(a) Portfolios
(b) Periodic tests
(c) Summative assignments
(d) Home assignments

12. A teacher uses audio-visual aids and physical activities in her teaching because they
(a) Utilize maximum number of senses to enhance learning
(b) Provide relief to the teacher
(c) Facilitate effective assessment
(d) Provide a diversion to learners

13. The following are the methods to teach EVS except
(a) Explaining through lectures
(b) Problem-solving
(c) Guided enquiry
(d) Cooperative learning

14. Environmental factors that shape the development of a child include all of the following except
(a) Physique
(b) Culture
(c) Quality of nutrition
(d) Quality of education

15. An effective teaching-learning will happen in the class when a teacher helps or facilitates to link the knowledge a student has with the new concept to be taught. The objective behind this is to promote
(a) Correlation and transfer of knowledge
(b) Individual differences
(c) Reinforcement
(d) Learner autonomy

16. A Science Exhibition was organized in Rohan’s school. It was organized with an objective. Which in your view is the most appropriate objective?
(a) Provide a creative channel for learners
(b) Train students for various professions
(c) Satisfy the parents
(d) Establish a name for the school

17. Select the correct statement about bronze which was used in making big gun (cannons) found in the fort of Golconda.
(a) Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin
(b) Bronze is an alloy of copper and platinum
(c) Bronze is an element
(d) Bronze is an alloy of copper and zinc

18. While doing experiments and practical work, Shyama’s performance is the best in her class. She is considered a very creative person. So, she is learning a concept by
(a) Divergent thinking
(b) Modelling
(c) Imitation
(d) Convergent thinking

19. Al-Biruni came from a country now called
(a) Uzbekistan
(b) Oman
(c) Afghanistan
(d) Bangladesh

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