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26th August 2014, 11:03 AM
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Re: Core companies for the candidates of Electronics stream

As you want to get the list of some of the best core companies for the candidates of Electronics stream so here it is for you:

Bharat Sanchar Nigam
Bharti Airtel
Reliance Communication
Cisco System India
Bharat Electronics
Tech Mahindra
Dell India
Hewlett Packard
Videocon Industries
HCL Infosystems
IBM India
LG Electronics India .
Lenovo India
Sonia India
Philips Electronics

Here for your reference I am giving you the last year placement question papers of HP:

1.Intel’s first processor is
1)——2)4004 3) 80804)8086

2) Founder of Microsoft corporation
1) Bill Gates 2) Billgates and ——–

3)Bill gates and Paul Allen4) Billgates and ——-

3)Oddman out
1)Internet Explorer 2) Alt Vista3) Netscape Navigator 4)Opera

4)Which of the following is not a database
1)PLSQL2)MSSQL 3)MySQL4)Informix

5)Laura C— (I don’t remember exact spelling ) is CEO of
1)Oracle 2)DELL 3) Hp4)Intel

Ans) She is CEO of HP

6)’SUN’ Microsystems SUN stands for
1)Simple Unified Network2)Solaris Unified Network3)————-
4) None of the above.

1) IRC stands for ans) Internet Relay chat
2)ICQ stands for ans)——————–

3)The protocol used to translate Internet address to Network addressis


4)In some OS the option that the system provides to communicate with other
process is
1)IPC(Inter Process Communication)2)—-3)—–4)—–

5)VPN stands for ans) Virtual private network.

6)The time taken to transfer data from one place to other place or process within
specified time is

1)Throughput2)Latency time 3)Response time 4)———-

7)The time complexity for which of the following is O(n log n)
1) Radix sort 2)Quick sort3)Shell sort 4) Bubblesort.

8)Which of the following is used pass the packets between networks
1)Which of the following can be used to print % to the screen
1) printf(“%”);2)printf(“\%”); 3)—– 4)——
2)how many times the loop is executed

int i=3;
1) 3 2)Infinite 3)0 4)2

3) what is the output
int 1=10;
printf(“%d %d %d “,i,++i,i++);
1) 10 11 11 2)11 11 10 3) 10 11 10 4) None of the above

printf(“%d %d %d”,x,y,z);
1)———– 2)——- 3)——— 4)———

5)In c++,
3)you cannot Overload new operator for a class

6) Void xyz(char a[10])
int i;
1)10 2)can’t say 3) 2 4)same as size of pointer.

7) Local Variables is stored in which part of the memory
1) register or heap 2)heap 3)register or stack 4)—–

8) which of the following can be shared by progams
1)Text Code
2)Data segment
3)heap memory

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