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6th April 2016, 03:14 PM
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Re: Calcutta University syllabus Geography Honours

The degree program in Geography is a Three-Year Honours and General Degree Courses of Studies.

Syllabus of Geotectonics and Geomorphology

Unit I: Geotectonics

1.1 Origin of the Earth with particular reference to Big Bang Theory; Geological time scale and related topographic and structural evolution (03)

1.2 Isostasy: Airy and Pratt (02)

1.3 Folds and Faults—origin, types and their topographic expressions (03)

1.4 Plate Tectonics: plate tectonic processes--sea floor spreading, subduction, orogenesis, earthquake and vulcanicity (06)

Unit II: Geomorphology

2.1 General degradational processes: processes of rock weathering and their effects on landform (03)

2.2 Fluvial processes and landforms (03)
2.3 Glacial processes and landforms; fluvio-glacial landforms (03)
2.4 Aeolian processes and landforms; fluvio-aeolian processes (03)

Unit III: Geomorphology and Structure

3.1 Basic concepts of Geomorphology as postulated by Thornbury (03)
3.2 Landforms on granite and basalt (02)
3.3 Landforms on limestone (02)
3.4 Development of river network and landforms on uniclinal and
folded structure (04)

Unit IV:Theories of Geomorphology

4.1 Normal cycle of erosion by W.M.Davis (04)

4.2 Views of W. Penck on normal cycle of erosion (03)

4.3 Cycle of Pediplanation by L.C.King (03)

4.4 Dynamic Equilibrium theory by J.T. Hack (03)

2. Hydrology and Oceanography

Unit I: Surface Hydrology

1.1 Definition, scope and content of Hydrology (02)
1.2 Global hydrological cycle: its physical and biological role (03)
1.3 Drainage basin as a hydrological unit (03)
1.4 Run off: controlling factors--infiltration, evaporation and transpiration; Run off cycle (04)

Unit II: Groundwater Hydrology

2.1 Physical properties of ground water (02)
2.2 Chemical properties of ground water (02)
2.3 Components, factors, and processes controlling storage and movement of ground water (04)
2.4 Types of aquifers and issues related to their over utilization (03)

Unit III: Ocean Water

3.1 Physical properties of ocean water (02)
3.2 Chemical properties of ocean water (02)
3.3 Concept of water mass; Waves, Tides and their influence (04)
3.4 Ocean currents and their influence (04)

Unit IV: Ocean Basins
4.1 Oceanic sediments: origin and classification (03)
4.2 Coral reefs and atolls: types and factors, coral and volcanic islands (04)
4.3 Major features of the ocean floor: formation explained by Plate Tectonics(05)
4.4 Resource potential of the oceans

Syllabus of Geography Honours Calcutta University

more Syllabus of Geography Honours Calcutta University detail attached a pdf file;
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