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Default Re: CA CPT Law questions with answers

As you are asking about the CA CPT Law questions with answers here given below are some questions which I would like to share with you please feel free to have a look on that

Question 1:

Which company shares can be freely transferable

(a) Private Company

(b) Public Company

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of the above

Question 2:

Where in a partnership firm the partners are entitled to interest on their capital balance such interest is payable.

(a) Only out of partners capital

(b) Only out of cash brought in by a new partners towards goodwill

(c) Only out of profits of the firm

(d) None of the above

Question 3:

An unpaid seller can exercise the right of resale

(a) if the goods are of durable nature

(b) if the goods are of perishable

(c) with the consent of buyer

(d) without the consent of buyer

Question 4:

In contract of sale, the goods destroyed after delivery thus risk bears by

(a) The buyer

(b) The seller

(c) Partly by the seller or buyer

(d) Neither buyer Nor seller

Question 5:

Where the goods are delivered to a carrier or wharfinger for the purpose of transmission to the buyer, the delivery is

(a) Invalid & effective

(b) Valid & effective

(c) Conditional

(d) None

Question 6:

Impossibility arising subsequently to formation of a contract is

(a) Pre-contractual contract

(b) Supervening impossibility

(c) Initial Impossibility

(d) None of these

Question 7:

Iverson Jewelers wrote a letter to Miller, “We have received an exceptionally fine self winding Rolox watch which we will sell to you at a very favorable price.”

(a) The letter is an offer to sell

(b) A valid offer cannot be made by letter

(c) The letter contains a valid offer which will terminate within a reasonable time

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(d) The letter lacks one of the essential elements of an offer

Question 8:

Donny threw a knife at Sally, intending to injure her severely. However, Donny missed Sally. Sally saw the knife just as it whizzed by her head, missing it by about one inch. As a result, Sally was very scared. Sally sued Donny for assault and battery. Which of the following is most correct?

(a) Donny will be liable for battery, but not assault.

(b) Donny will be liable for assault, but not battery.

(c) Donny will be liable for assault and for battery.

(d) Donny will not be liable for either assault or battery because this is only a criminal matter.

Question 9:

Employer shall contribute towards Insurance Fund _________% of basic wages, dearness allowance, and retaining allowance.

(a) 2%

(b) 3%

(c) 1%

(d) None of these

Question 10:

Which one or more of the following resolution need not be filed with the registrar

(a) Special resolution

(b) A resolution of Board relating to appointment of a managing director

(c) A resolution approving the appointment of a sole selling agent

(d) An ordinary resolution

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