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8th May 2015, 03:12 PM
BPUT 8th Sem CSE Syllabus

I am student of the B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering 8th sem at the BPUT. I lost my syllabus. I need the syllabus urgently because my exam is coming soon. Can you please forward me the BPUT B.Tech CSE 8th sem syllabus?
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19th February 2016, 11:41 AM
Re: BPUT 8th Sem CSE Syllabus

Hello sir ! I am a student of BPUT B.TECH CSE , will you please provide me BPUT 8th semester CSE syllabus ?
19th February 2016, 11:41 AM
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Re: BPUT 8th Sem CSE Syllabus

Hello buddy as you want here we provides you BPUT 8th semester CSE syllabus as follows
Module – I (10 hours)
Overview of Graphics System: Video Display Units, Raster-Scan and Random Scan
Systems, Graphics Input and Output Devices.
Output Primitives: Line drawing Algorithms: DDA and Bresenham’s Line Algorithm,
Circle drawing Algorithms: Midpoint Circle Algorithm and Bresenham’s Circle
drawing Algorithm.
Two Dimensional Geometric Transformation: Basic Transformation (Translation,
rotation, Scaling) Matrix Representation, Composite Transformations, Reflection,
Shear, Transformation between coordinate systems.
Two Dimensional Viewing: Window-to- View port Coordinate Transformation.

Module –II (12 hours)
Line Clipping (Cohen-Sutherland Algorithm) and Polygon Clipping (SutherlandHodgeman
Aliasing and Antialiasing, Half toning, Thresholding and Dithering, Scan conversion
of Character.
Polygon Filling: Seed Fill Algorithm, Scan line Algorithm.
Two Dimensional Object Representation: Spline Representation, Bezier Curves and
B-Spline Curves.
Fractal Geometry: Fractal Classification and Fractal Dimension.
Three Dimensional Geometric and Modeling Transformations: Translation Rotation,
Scaling, Reflections, shear, Composite Transformation.
Projections: Parallel Projection and Perspective Projection.

Module –III (8 hours)
Visible Surface Detection Methods: Back-face Detection, Depth Buffer, A- Buffer,
Scan- line Algorithm and Painters Algorithm.
Illumination Models: Basic Models, Displaying Light Intensities.
Surface Rendering Methods: Polygon Rendering Methods: Gouraud Shading and
Phong Shading.
Computer Animation: Types of Animation, Key frame Vs. Procedural Animation,
methods of controlling Animation, Morphing.
Virtual Reality: Types of Virtual reality systems, Input and Output Virtual Reality
1. Computer Graphics with Virtual Reality System, Rajesh K.Maurya, WileyDreamtech.
2. Computer Graphics, D. Hearn and M.P. Baker (C Version), Pearson
Reference Books
1. Computer Graphics Principle and Practice , J.D. Foley, A.Dam, S.K. Feiner,
Addison, Wesley
2. Procedural Elements of Computer Graphics- David Rogers (TMH)
3. Computer Graphics: Algorithms and Implementations – D.P Mukherjee &
Debasish Jana (PHI)
4. Introduction to Computer Graphics & Multimedia – Anirban Mukhopadhyay &
Arup Chattopadhyay (Vikas)
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