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Default Bihar Board For 10th

Can you provide me the previous year 10th class English subject question paper of Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) as I will be giving the exam this year and so need it for preparation?
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Default Re: Bihar Board For 10th

The previous year 10th class English subject question paper of Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) is as follows:

SET-01 (Section-A)
Q. 01 Read the passage given below and answer the question that follow: 4X3=12
Ants are the most interesting of all insects because they are so like human beings in
many ways. They live together ,build their own houses and have a king and a queen . Each ant
has its own work to do and it does its work well. The very young ants, Who have just come out
of their cocoons are generally the nurses when they are older and their skins are harder they
are ready to leave the nest and do other kinds of work . Some of the ants hunt for food. Most
other kinds of insects go about looking for food, but it is always for themselves alone . But the
ants think of nest . They bring in food for the queen and other workers, as well as for
Q(a) How are ants similar to human brings?
Q(b) When do these very young ants leave the nest?
Q(c) How are ants different from most other kinds of insects?
Q(d) What jobs are performed by the very young ants?
Q. 02 Read the passage carefully and answer the following question: 4X2=8
In days gone by it so happened, there was a thirsty fox. He was wandering here
and there in search of water. In course of wandering fate smiled upon him and he
reached near a well. A little water was at its bottom. As he was much thirsty he
jumped into the well and drank water. The walls of well were high and he was
unable to get out from the well. In the mean time a thirsty goat came that way
and saw the fox inside the well. She asked the fox. What are you doing there ?
The fox said ,I am drinking the sweet water here , come down and drink this sweet
water. The goat jumped into the well and drank the water. The cleaver-fox got on
the back of the goat and jumped out. The foolish goat was entrapped inside the
well. She died there helpless.
a. What happened with the fox?
b. Why did the fox jump into the well?
c. Who did come near the Well next?
d. How did the fox come out from the Well?
Section B
Q.03 Write a letter to your father telling him about your grand 8
achievement in the field of education.
Write a letter to your friend advising him to take regular exercise
to grow hale and hearty.
Q.04 Write a paragraph on any one of the following in the about 60 words 4
i) A Picnic Party
ii) Your favourite Hoppy
iii) The Village Market
iv) The Season you like most
Q.05 You are Arun/Arti, Head Boy/ Head Girl of your School. Write a 8
notice for your School notice board calling for entries from desirous students
for Inter School Quiz Contest Preliminary Round to be held at your school.
(Word limit 50 Words)
Recently you have visited your native village on the eve of Summar
Vaccation. Write a paragraph of 80 to 100 words about the sight and scene
of your Village.
Section : C (Grammer and Translation)
Q.06 Do as directed : 4X1=4
(a) She is too weak to walk (Removal of too)
(b) Mr Prasad is one of the strongest person in the society
(Into positive degree)
(c) Who has taken tea? (Into passive voice)
(d) How old the Woman is! (Into Assertive sentence)
Q.07 Change the following sentence into indirect form of speech: 4X1=4
i) He said to Rohit, “ Don’t play in the sun.”
ii) He said, “Please help me in trouble.”
iii) The teacher said to the class, “you should labour hard and be successful
in your lives.”
iv) She said to me, “Man is mortal.
Q.08 Use appropriate form of verbs in the blank given in the brackets: 3X1=3
i) Ram as well his friends…………………………..enjoying the cricket match. (is/are)
ii)Nothing but stars…………………………twinkling in the sky. ( is/are)
iii) Not only Ram but also his friends………………………….doing this. (is/are)
Q.09 Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition: 4X1=4
i) He deals………………..rice. (in/out)
ii)We run…………………….the thief. (after/behind)
iii) He agrees……………..his friend. (with/on)
iv) We put ………………wealth. (by/on)
Section : D
Q.11 Read carefully the given extract and answer the following questions: 5X1=5
Due to my important papers and letters, my room used to remain locked in
absence. The moment the room was opened on my return from college and I
stepped in, Gillu would rush on to me and climb up and down from my head to
toe. Since then, this had become a regular practice. On my leaving the room, Gillu
would also make an exit through the wiremesh opening of the window. He would
spend the whole day with his lot, jumping and prancing up and down the
i) From which story has this extract been taken?
ii) Who was the author of this extract?
iii) From which reason was the narrator’s room locked in her absence?
iv) Who was Gillu?
v) How did Gillu spend his whole day?
Q.12 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions: 5X1=5
She had hardly said this, when malasha plumped down her foot so that the
water splashed right on to AKOULYA’s frock. The frock was splashed, and so were
AKOULYA’s eyes and nose. When she saw the stains on her frock, she was angry
and ran after Malasha to strike her. Malasha was frightened, and seeing that she
had got herself into trouble, she scrambled out of the puddle, and prepared to run
home. Just then AKOULYA’s mother happened to passing, and seeing that her
daughter’s skirt was splashed, and her sleeves dirty, she said:
‘You naughty, dirty girl, what have you been doing?’
‘Malasha did it on purpose’, replied the girl.
(i) Name the title and its author.
(ii) Who did splash water on Akoulya’s frock?
(iii) Why did Akoulya’s mother run after Malasha to strike he’
(iv) Why was Malasha frightened?
(v) Who did scramble out of the puddle and prepare to run home.
Q.13 Answer any one of the following in about 80 words: 2X3=6
i) Define culture and civilization in the light of the story. The unity of
Indian culture.
ii) Describe the traits of the old Woman.
iii) Why were the two girls dressed in new clothes and were showing their
finery to catch other?
Q.14 Answer any two of the following questions in about 30 words: 2X2=4
i) Who wounded the tiny squirrel badly?
ii) Why was the Gillu’s swing taken off?
iii) Who was the Chief character of the play ‘The Pace for Living’.
Q.15 Read carefully the stanza given below and answer the questions that follow:
“But deep inside the grief’s garbage bin,
Far away from everyone’s gaze,
The germs of the disease, keep on growing.”
i) From which poem are these lines extracted?
ii) Who has composed these lines?
iii) Where do the germs of the disease keep on growing?
iv) How do the germs of the disease pollute the environment?
Q.16 Answer any two of the following questions in about 40 words: 2X3=6
i) ‘The koel is the symbol of a true love’. Explain it in brief.
ii) Why is life bitter? Answer on the basis of the poem ‘God made the
country, in brief way.
iv) How does Alexander Pope want to live?
Q.17 Answer any one of the following questions: 1X6=6
i) Describe the role of Halku’s wife in the story ‘January Night.’
ii) Was the narrator honest in his relation with the girl?
Q.18 Answer any two of the following questions: 2X2=4
i) Who was munni and why was she angry with Halku?
ii) How did the author know Mr. Gessler?
iii) Why was the banker afraid of the Lawyer?
iv) Which type of message is conveyed to the readers by Katherine
SET-02 (Section-A)
Q.01 Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions in your own
words: 4X3=12
According to the people childhood is the best part of life. They peep
through back their childhood and remembers all its happy days, the jolly
games, the fun they had at school, jokes they used to play and topic, perhaps
these old lores are correct. Yet they also forget many things that were not so
pleasant in their childhood. There is a funny story that tells of a boy who was
crying because he had to go back to school after the holidays and the father
scolded him and said, “Why, I only wish I could be a boy and go to school
again”. And all in a moment the father was a little boy and his son was a
grown man like his father. The father, in the shape of a little boy had to go to
school, and I can tell you he did not like it at all. A child’s troubles may seem
small to grown-ups but they are very big to him.
Question :
i) How do old people describe childhood?
ii) What do people remember when they keep through back at their
iii) Why did the father scold the boy?
iv) What happened when the father wished to be a boy?
Q.02 Read the passage carefully and answer the questions in your own words:
The postmaster first took up his duties in the village of Ulapur. Though
the village was a small one, there was an indigo factory near by and the
proprietor, an Englishman, had managed to get a post office established.
One postmaster belonged to Calcutta. He felt like a fish out of water in
this remote village. His office and living room were in a dark thatched shed,
not far from a green, slimy pond, surrounded on all sides by a dense growth.
The men employed in the factory had no leisure; moreover they were
highly desirable companions for decent folk. Nor is a Calcutta boy an adept in
the associating with others. Among strangers he appears either proud or ill
at ease. At any rate the postmaster had but little compay he much to do.
i) Where did the postmaster take up his first duties?
ii) Which was situated near by the post office and who was its proprietor?
iii) From which city did the postmaster belong to?
iv) Was the postmaster adept in associating with the factory workers?
Q.03. Write a letter to your mother asking him to send rupees one thousand to
buy a few books to prepare the coming exam. 8X1=8
Write a letter to your Uncle telling him about your preparation of the annual
exam 2016.
Q.04 Write a paragraph on any one of the following in about 60 words: 4X1=4
i) Work is Worship
ii) The role of Computer
iii) Values of trees
iv) Health is Wealth
Q.05 You are Naveen/Nisha, the Secretary of cultural society of Delhi Public
School, Patna. Write a notice giving the details for participation of students
in a cultural programme to be organised by your School. (50 words)
You have won a prize for writing fiction. Perhaps a speech to be delivered
while accepting the prize.
Q.06 Do as directed: 4X1=4
i) Rakesh is too fat. (removal of too)
ii) How foolish he is! ( Into Assertive sentence)
iii) She is to eat bread. ( Into passive voice)
iv) Very few kings of India were as great as Ashoka. (Into superlative degree)
Q 07. Change the following sentence into indirect speech ; 4X1=4
i) Who has done this work? said Ram to Shyam.
ii) Ravi said “,Prakash, are you feeling well now “?
iii) The owner said to his servant ,”Open the door soon.”
iv) He said,” what a nice building it is.!”
Q 08. Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of verbs. 3X1=3
i. Much of the time ………………… wasted. (is/are)
ii. The jury ………………….divided in their opinions. (is/are)
iii. Measles …………………. Serious disease (is/are)
Q 09. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition : 4X1=4
i. Write ……………….. ink (in/with)
ii. Donot hanker ……………. Wealth (for/after)
iii. We abstain …………………..drinking (of/from)
iv. The patient died …………………cholera (of/from)

more Bihar Board English Question Paper for 10th detail attached a pdf file;
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