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25th April 2018, 08:16 PM
Re: Bangalore University MCA Syllabus

Can you provide me official syllabus of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Program offered by Bangalore University?
25th April 2018, 08:23 PM
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Re: Bangalore University MCA Syllabus

The official syllabus of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Program offered by Bangalore University is as follows:


UNIT I [12 Hours]
Introduction to Programming Concepts: Software, Classification of Software, Modular Programming, Structured Programming, Algorithms and Flowcharts, Writing algorithms and drawing flowcharts for simple exercises. Overview of C Language: History of C, Character set, C tokens, Identifiers, Keywords, structure of C program, executing a C program. Constants, variables, data types, declaration of variables, declaration of storage classes, assigning values to variables defining symbolic constants, declaring a variable as constant, declaring a variable as volatile, overflow and underflow of data, Operators in C, Hierarchy of Operators, Expressions, Type Conversions and Library Functions.

UNIT II [10 Hours]
Managing Input and Output Operations: The scanf() & printf() functions for input and output operations, reading a character, writing a character, (the getchar() & putchar() functions) , the address operator(&), formatted input and output using format specifiers, Writing simple complete C programs. Control Statements: Decision making with if statement, simple if statement, the if else statement, nesting of if else statements, the else If ladder, the switch statement, the?: operator, the goto statement, the break statement, programming examples. Loop Control Structures: The while statement, the do While statement, the for statement, nested loops, jumps in loops, the continue statement, programming examples.

UNIT III [10 Hours]
Functions: Function Definition, prototyping, types of functions, passing arguments to functions, Nested Functions, Recursive functions. Arrays: Declaring and Initializing, One Dimensional Arrays, Two Dimensional Arrays, Multi-Dimensional Arrays Passing arrays to functions. Strings: Declaring and Initializing strings, Operations on strings, Arrays of strings, passing strings to functions. Storage Classes - Automatic, External, Static and Register Variables

UNIT IV [10 Hours]
Structures and Unions: Defining a structure, declaring structure variables, accessing structure members, structure initialization, copying and comparing structure variables, operations on individual members, array of structures, structures within structures, structures and functions, Unions, size of structures, bit fields, programming examples.
Pointers: Understanding pointers, accessing the address space of a variable, declaring and initialization pointer variables, accessing a variable through its pointer, chain of pointers, pointer expressions, pointers and arrays, pointer and character strings, array of pointers, pointer as function arguments, functions returning pointers, pointers to functions, pointers and structures, programming examples

UNIT V [10 Hours]
File Management in C: Defining and opening a file, closing a file, input/output operations on files, error handling during I/O operations, random access files, command line arguments, programming examples. Dynamic Memory Allocation: Dynamic memory allocation, allocating a block of memory: malloc, allocating multiple blocks of memory: calloc, releasing the used space: Free, altering the size of a block: realloc, programming examples. The Preprocessor: Introduction, macro substitution, files inclusion, compiler control directives, ANSI additions, programming exercises.

1. E. Balaguruswamy, Programming in ANSI C, 4th Edition, TMH Publications, 2007.
2. Ashok N. Kamthane, Programming with ANSI and Turbo C, Pearson Education, 2006.
3. Mahapatra, Thinking in C, PHI Publications, 1998.
4. Yashwant Kanetkar, Let Us C, 13th Edition, PHP, 2013

Syllabus Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Program Bangalore University

25th April 2018, 08:23 PM
Re: Bangalore University MCA Syllabus

Can you provide me official syllabus of Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Program offered by Bangalore University?

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