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23rd August 2014, 10:55 AM
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Re: ARO Exam Question Paper

Here I am providing the list of few questions of ARO Exam Question Paper for your idea.

1. Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the world's
A.largest railway station
B.highest railway station
C.longest railway station
D.None of the above

2. Entomology is the science that studies
A.Behavior of human beings
C.The origin and history of technical and scientific terms
D.The formation of rocks

3. Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of

4. Garampani sanctuary is located at
A.Junagarh, Gujarat
B.Diphu, Assam
C.Kohima, Nagaland
D.Gangtok, Sikkim

5. For which of the following disciplines is Nobel Prize awarded?
A.Physics and Chemistry
B.Physiology or Medicine
C.Literature, Peace and Economics
D.All of the above

6. Hitler party which came into power in 1933 is known as
A.Labour Party
B.Nazi Party
D.Democratic Party

7. FFC stands for
A.Foreign Finance Corporation
B.Film Finance Corporation
C.Federation of Football Council
D.None of the above

8. Fastest shorthand writer was
A.Dr. G. D. Bist
B.J.R.D. Tata
C.J.M. Tagore
D.Khudada Khan

9. Epsom (England) is the place associated with
A.Horse racing

10. First human heart transplant operation conducted by Dr. Christian Bernard on Louis Washkansky, was conducted in

11. Galileo was an Italian astronomer who
A.developed the telescope
B.discovered four satellites of Jupiter
C.discovered that the movement of pendulum produces a regular time measurement
D.All of the above

12. Habeas Corpus Act 1679
A.states that no one was to be imprisoned without a writ or warrant stating the charge against him
B.provided facilities to a prisoner to obtain either speedy trial or release in bail
C.safeguarded the personal liberties of the people against arbitrary imprisonment by the king's orders
D.All of the above
19th December 2014, 09:18 AM
ARO exam question paper

Hi can you please provide me the question paper of RO ARO exam?
19th December 2014, 12:11 PM
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Re: ARO exam question paper

Ok, as you want the question paper of RO ARO exam so here I am providing you.

ARO exam question paper

There will be two stages in this exam.


There will be Objective type test comprising of 150 Questions on OMR Answer sheet.
Written exam will be of Maximum 150 marks.
Total time duration of written exam will be 2 Hours.

Stage-II:- Five candidates against every vacancy, in each category in order of merit prepared on the basis of objective type test shall be called to participate in Computer Knowledge test. Computer Test shall be held at Allahabad which shall be of 15 minutes duration with maximum 50 marks.

Note:- There will no Interview for each post.

Exam Syllabus:- Questions will likely to be asked form the following sections given below:-

General Science
History of India
Indian National Movement
Indian Polity, Economy and Culture
Indian Agriculture, Commerce and Trade
Population, Ecology and Urbanization(in India Context)
World Geography & Geography and Resources of India
Current National and International Important Events
General Intelligentsia
Special Knowledge regarding Education, Culture, Agriculture, Industry, Trade, Living and Social Traditions of Uttar Pradesh
Knowledge of General English and General Hindi of Graduation Level
Elementary Knowledge of Computers.

ARO exam question paper

Here I am attaching a pdf file of question paper........................
Attached Files
File Type: pdf ARO exam question paper.pdf (8.73 MB, 609 views)
1st April 2015, 08:25 AM
Re: ARO exam question paper

I want to get ARO (accounts) question paper for doing preparation of this exam so will you please provide me that ?
1st April 2015, 08:30 AM
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Re: ARO exam question paper

As you want to get ARO (accounts) question paper for doing preparation of this exam so here I am giving you some questions of that paper:

1. From which village does the famous Sri Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yaatra begin ?
(a) Dhondi (b) Nonika
(c) Nauti (d) Ksua
2. Which is the first country to legalise Euthanasia ?
(a) Switzerland (b) Mexico
(c) Netherlands (d) Belgium
3. Which Constitutional amendments provided reservation to women in Panchayats ?
(a) 72nd (b) 73rd
(c) 74th (d) 75th
4. Who was the first non-head of state to address the British Parliament ?
(a) Hillary Clinton (b) Sonia Gandhi
(c) Christine Legarda (d) Aung San Suu Ki
5. The first country to introduce the institution of Ombudsman (Lokpal) was
(a) Sweden (b) Norway
(c) Finland (d) Switzerland
6. Who among the following is the principal deity of Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple,
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala ?
(a) Vishnu (b) Surya
(c) Shiva (d) Kartikeya
7. Which folk dance of Uttarakhand is included in UNESCO’s intangible heritage list ?
(a) Ramman (b) Chanchari
(c) Chholiya (d) Jhumelo
8. Match List – I with List – II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :
List – I
List – II
A. C.R. Das 1. Bande Matram
B. Lala Lajpat Rai 2. Samvad
C. Madan Mohan Malviya 3. Forward
D. Raja Ram Mohan Roy 4. Indian Union
(a) 2 4 1 3
(b) 3 1 4 2
(c) 2 4 3 1
(d) 3 1 2 4

9. Who is Yingluck Shinwatra ?
(a) First women to become Chancellor of Germany.
(b) She was the Prime Minister of Israel.
(c) She is the first lady Prime Minister of Thailand.
(d) She is the Honorary President of China.
10. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution the Supreme Court has declared the right
to free legal aid and speedy trial as a fundamental right ?
(a) Article – 14 (b) Article – 19
(c) Article – 21 (d) Article – 32
11. Match the List – I with List – II and select the correct answer from the codes given below
the lists :
List – I
List – II
A. Prarthana Samaj 1. Pheroz Shah Mehta
B. Servants Society of India 2. Atmaram Pandurang
C. Bombay Presidency Association 3. Madam Blavatsky
D. Theosophical Society 4. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
Codes :
(a) 4 1 3 2
(b) 2 4 1 3
(c) 4 1 2 3
(d) 3 4 2 1
12. Which one of the following languages has been included in the Eighth Schedule of the
Constitution as a result of 92nd Amendment ?
(a) Bhojpuri (b) Dogri
(c) Konkani (d) Magahi
13. The first U.N. International Conference on Environment was held at
(a) Rio de Janeiro (b) Kyoto
(c) Stockholm (d) Johannesburg
14. ‘Marchhas’ and ‘Tolchhas’ are related to which Tribe ?
(a) Raji (b) Boksa
(c) Jaunsari (d) Bhotiya

15. According to 2011 Census the literacy rate of Uttarakhand is
(a) 65.48 % (b) 71.60 %
(c) 75.18 % (d) 79.63 %
16. Which revolt is known as the ‘Bardoli of Kumaon’ ?
(a) Askot Revolt (b) Saklana Revolt
(c) Tilari Kand (d) Salt Revolt
17. Arrange the following rulers of Garhwal in the chronological order they ruled :
(1) Ajay Pal (2) Kanak Pal
(3) Fateh Pati Shah (4) Man Shah
(a) 3, 1, 4, 2 (b) 4, 3, 1, 2
(c) 2, 1, 4, 3 (d) 3, 2, 1, 4
18. By which name ‘Kumaon region’ was known in the ancient literature ?
(a) Kedar Khand (b) Manas Khand
(c) Punya Bhumi (d) Dev Bhumi
19. Kumaoni Holi begins every year with
(a) Faag Ki Holi (b) Sringar Ki Holi
(c) Nirvan Ki Holi (d) Khadi Holi
20. Who was the first recipient of Paramvir Chakra from Kumaon Regiment ?
(a) Gen. B.C. Joshi (b) Major Shaitan Singh
(c) Major Somnath Sharma (d) Hav. Chandri Chand
21. When the Tehri State Praja Mandal was formed ?
(a) 23rd January 1936 (b) 23rd January 1937
(c) 23rd January 1939 (d) 23rd January 1940
22. Who among the following Kings was killed in the battle of Khurbura in 1804 A.D. ?
(a) Prakram Shah (b) Pradhumna Shah
(c) Sudarshan Shah (d) Jaikrit Shah

23. The credit for discovering the Valley of Flowers goes to
(a) William Smith (b) Margaret Laigi
(c) Richard Holdsworth (d) Frank Smythe
24. The real name of poet ‘Gumani’ was
(a) Damodar Pant (b) Lokratna Pant
(c) Mathura Dutt Pant (d) Gumani Pant
25. ‘Chipko Movement’ started from
(a) Jaunpur (b) Reni
(c) Jakholi (d) Ghuttu
26. The largest cultivable area in Uttarakhand is covered by which crop ?
(a) Paddy (b) Wheat
(c) Sugarcane (d) Potato
27. Which one of the following Novels is not written by Shailesh Matiyani ?
(a) Kabutarkhana (b) Kameene
(c) Jaymala (d) Mahabhoj
28. The historical fort of ‘Khagmara’ near Almora was built by
(a) Katturys (b) Chands
(c) Gorkhas (d) Britishers
29. The next Olympic Games in the year 2016 will be held at _________.
(a) Singapore (b) Colombo
(c) Rio de Janeiro (d) Berlin
30. Which one of the following countries won ‘Gold Medal’ in football during 2012 London
Olympics ?
(a) Brazil (b) Mexico
(c) Spain (d) Iran
31. The first district level ‘e-court’ in India was inaugurated in ________.
(a) Kerala (b) Karnataka
(c) Delhi (d) Sikkim

32. Which one of the following cities is credited to have organized the Olympic Games
thrice ?
(a) Berlin (b) Beijing
(c) Atlanta (d) London
33. Who was awarded the ‘Dada Saheb Phalke’ award for the year 2011 ?
(a) Soumitra Chatterji (b) Dev Anand
(c) Rajesh Khanna (d) Yash Chopra
34. The Global Nuclear Security Summit 2012 was held at
(a) New Delhi (b) London
(c) New York (d) Seoul
35. Which one of the following armies is the largest in the world ?
(a) United States Armed Force
(b) The Russian Army
(c) The Indian Army
(d) Peoples Liberation Army of China
36. Match List – I with List – II and select your answer from the codes given below :
List – I
List – II
A. Mauritius 1. Havana
B. New Zealand 2. Manama
C. Bahrain 3. Wellington
D. Cuba 4. Port Louis
Codes :
(a) 1 2 3 4
(b) 4 3 2 1
(c) 3 2 1 4
(d) 2 1 4 3
37. Who is the first Indian to win Dada Saheb Phalke Award ?
(a) Devika Rani (b) Madhubala
(c) Nargis (d) Durga Khote
38. Name the person who held the post of Chief Minister of an Indian State for five
consecutive terms ?
(a) N.D. Tiwari (b) Jyoti Basu
(c) Mayawati (d) Tarun Kumar Gogoi

39. Which one of the following group of organisms has the largest number of species ?
(a) Mammal (b) Insect
(c) Bird (d) Reptile
40. Which of the following is not a pesticide ?
(a) B.H.C. (b) Aldrin
(c) D.D.T. (d) Ephedrine
41. Which one of the following plant products has genes of a bacterium ?
(a) Bt. Brinjal (b) Golden delicious Apple
(c) Dashari Mango (d) Amrapali Mango
42. Two women put claim over a child as mother; which test can prove this claim to be true ?
(a) Vidal Test (b) Tuberculin Test
(c) D.N.A. Test (d) ELISA Test
43. Intellectual Property Rights (I.P.R.) in India covers
(a) Patents (b) Copyrights
(c) Trademarks (d) All of the above
44. Which one of the following plants cannot be generally multiplied by seeds ?
(a) Papaya (b) Apple
(c) Banana (d) Mango
45. Cholesterol is a
(a) Lipid (Sterol) (b) Carbohydrate
(c) Protein (d) Vitamin
46. Which one of the following diseases is caused due to defect in gene ?
(a) Haemophilia (b) Typhoid
(c) Malaria (d) Jaundice

47. Containers for keeping strong acids are made of
(a) Platinum (b) Brass
(c) Copper (d) Glass
48. In birds, sound is produced by ________.
(a) Air sacs (b) Trachea
(c) Larynx (d) Syrinx
49. Which one of the following has the highest pH ?
(a) Coffee (b) Wine
(c) Milk (d) Lemon juice
50. The National Agricultural Insurance Scheme was launched on
(a) 22 June, 1999 (b) 23 June, 1999
(c) 24 June, 1999 (d) 25 June, 1999
51. Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme was started since
(a) July 1998 (b) August 1998
(c) September 1998 (d) October 1998
52. In which of the following years the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
(BIFR) came into existence ?
(a) 1987 (b) 1989
(c) 1993 (d) 1994
53. How many banks were nationalized in India on 15th April 1980 ?
(a) 4 (b) 5
(c) 6 (d) 8
54. The Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002 become effective since which one of the
following dates ?
(a) July 2002 (b) August 2003
(c) July 2004 (d) July 2005
55. Who established the “Khudai Khidmatgar” organization ?
(a) Jawahar Lal Nehru (b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan (d) Mohammed Ali Jinnah

56. In which of the following Sessions of Congress the slogan of “Purna Swaraj” was raised ?
(a) Kanpur Session (b) Lahore Session
(c) Calcutta Session (d) Lucknow Session
57. On 8th August 1942, ‘Quit India’ Call was given at
(a) Calcutta (b) Karachi
(c) Ahmedabad (d) Bombay
58. Mihirbhoja was the ruler of
(a) Pala dynasty (b) Gurjar-Pratihar dynasty
(c) Chandella dynasty (d) Chera dynasty
59. The capital of the newest U.N. Member, South Sudan is
(a) Bangui (b) Bandarseri Begwan
(c) Baku (d) Juba
60. Buddha attained Nirvana at
(a) Taxila (b) Bodh Gaya
(c) Kushinagar (d) Kausambi
61. Who was the winner of French Open Tennis Tournament 2012 ?
(a) Novac Zocowik (b) Daniel Nelson
(c) Rafael Nadal (d) Roger Federer
62. Who has been awarded ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna’ award for the year 2011 ?
(a) Sushil Kumar (b) Gagan Narang
(c) Mary Kom (d) Saina Nehewal
63. Which one of the following organizations merged with the Indian National Congress ?
(a) Indian National Conference (b) Bombay Presidency Association
(c) East India Association (d) Indian Association
64. Who was the first Indian Professor at the Oxford University ?
(a) Sir C.V. Raman (b) Dr. Hargovind Khurana
(c) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (d) Gita Gopinath

65. Which one of the following continents has the highest number of countries ?
(a) Asia (b) Africa
(c) Europe (d) America
66. Which one of the following countries is known as “The land of the blue sky” ?
(a) Japan (b) India
(c) Mangolia (d) Maldives
67. Which satellite is under planning to be launched by ISRO to study about the Sun ?
(a) Aditya (b) IRS-1A
(c) Bhaskar-I (d) PSLV-C7
68. In which of the following years the Indian Rupee was devalued for the second time ?
(a) 1971 (b) 1961
(c) 1997 (d) 1966
69. Which one of the following States was formed in the year 1987 ?
(a) Manipur (b) Meghalaya
(c) Mizoram (d) Nagaland
70. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
Tribes Habitat
(a) Fulani – West Africa
(b) Bantu – Sahara
(c) Masai – East Africa
(d) Nuba – Sudan
71. Which one of the following is the State animal of Uttarakhand ?
(a) Musk Deer (b) Monal
(c) Bharal (d) Tiger
72. Who among the following is known as the ‘Gandhi of Uttarakhand’ ?
(a) Govind Ballabh Pant (b) Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna
(c) Indramani Badoni (d) Badri Dutt Pandey

73. Whose sacrifice ultimately led to the liberation of the people of Tehri from Monarchy ?
(a) Baba Uttarakhandi (b) Sridev Suman
(c) Jai Dutt Vella (d) Hargovind Pant
74. Who among the following won gold medal for Tennis in Olympic 2012 ?
(a) Maria Sharapova (b) Agneska Radwanska
(c) Sara Errani (d) Serena Williams
75. What is the percentage of ground water of the total water available on earth ?
(a) 10% (b) 20%
(c) 31.1% (d) about 0.7%
76. Which one of the following is the largest lake in the world ?
(a) Caspian Sea (b) Lake Baikal
(c) Dal Lake (d) Sambhar Lake
77. Which one of the following was the youngest competitors in Olympic 2012 ?
(a) Gita Fogat (b) Missy Franklin
(c) Yohan Blake (d) Adzo Koposi
78. How many questions canvassed during population enumeration in Census of 2011 ?
(a) 23 (b) 24
(c) 25 (d) 29
79. Which of the following badminton players of India won a medal in Olympic 2012 ?
(a) Jwala Gutta (b) Saina Nehewal
(c) P. Kashyap (d) Ashwini Ponappa
80. India is the second country to host the South Asian Games three times. Which one of the
following Indian cities hosted South Asian Games First ?
(a) Kolkata (b) Chennai
(c) New Delhi (d) Hyderabad
81. In which year the demand for separate Pakistan was raised by Muslim League ?
(a) 1922 (b) 1935
(c) 1940 (d) 1945

82. Which one of the following ministries is responsible for organising the Republic Day
Parade ?
(a) Ministry of Home Affairs (b) Ministry of Defence
(c) Ministry of Human Resources (d) None of the above
83. Which one of the following States has not been given membership of the United Nations
Organization till now ?
(a) Bahamas (b) South Sudan
(c) Timor Leste (d) Palestine
84. Who has the record of winning the highest number of medals in Olympics till now ?
(a) Ian Thorpe (b) Larisa Latynina
(c) Michael Phelps (d) Sergei Bubka
85. Who among the following was a member of the Azad Hind Fauj ?
(a) Laxmi Sahagal (b) Aruna Asaf Ali
(c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Vijaylaxmi Pandit
86. The Eleventh Schedule of Indian Constitution is related to
(a) Panchayati Raj (b) Language
(c) Citizenship (d) Centre-State relation
87. How many representatives are there in the Rajya Sabha from Uttarakhand ?
(a) Two (b) Three
(c) Four (d) Five
88. Which one of the following Amendments granted Right to Education ?
(a) 85th Amendment (b) 86th Amendment
(c) 87th Amendment (d) 88th Amendment
89. The Right to Information (RTI) was first introduced in the year
(a) 2003 (b) 2004
(c) 2005 (d) 2006
90. Where is the famous ‘stone war’-‘Bagwal’ is organised in Uttarakhand ?
(a) Dania (b) Gauchar
(c) Tharali (d) Devidhura

PART – 2
91. A number consists of two digits whose sum is 11. If 27 is added to the number, then the
digits change their places. What is the number ?
(a) 65 (b) 83
(c) 92 (d) 47
92. The difference on a certain amount on 5% rate between compound and simple interest is
` 6 for two years. What is the amount ?
(a) ` 2,000 (b) ` 2,200
(c) ` 2,400 (d) ` 2,600
93. In an examination, a student is awarded four marks for correct answer and one mark is
deducted for a wrong answer. Student attempts 75 questions and secures 125 marks. What
is the number of his correct answers ?
(a) 35 (b) 40
(c) 42 (d) 48
94. I reach my office 40 minutes late if I walk from my house at the speed of three km/hour. I
shall be 30 minutes early if I walk at the speed of 4 km/hour. Find the distance between
my house and the office in km.
(a) 11 km (b) 12 km
(c) 13 km (d) 14 km
95. In a survey it was found that 65% people listen TV news and 40% read newspapers, while
25% follow both. How many percent of people neither listen TV news nor read
newspapers ?
(a) 20 % (b) 15 %
(c) 10 % (d) 5 %
96. Insert the missing number :
(a) 160 (b) 100
(c) 50 (d) 75

97. In a firm the average salary of male employees is ` 520 and that of females is ` 420. If the
overall average salary is ` 500, then ratio of male and female employees will be
(a) 70 : 30 (b) 80 : 20
(c) 78 : 22 (d) 82 : 18
98. Find the odd one out.
(1) Arundhati Roy (2) Sobhana Narayan
(3) Sonal Mansingh (4) Hema Malini
(a) Arundhati Roy (b) Sobhana Narayan
(c) Sonal Mansingh (d) Hema Malini
99. If ‘PORTER’ is written as ‘QNSSFQ’, then ‘BRIGHT’ would be coded as
100. Bharati is 8 ranks ahead of Divya, who ranks 26th in a class of 42. What is Bharati’s rank
from the last ?
(a) 9th (b) 24th
(c) 25th (d) 34th
101. There are five different roads connecting Agra and Delhi. In how many ways a person can
complete his journey if he goes from Agra to Delhi by one road and returns by another
road ?
(a) 9 (b) 10
(c) 15 (d) 20
102. In an examination Rajesh got 112 marks, which is 32 marks more than the passing marks.
Sonal got 75% marks, which is 70 marks more than the passing marks. What is the
minimum pass percentage marks ?
(a) 35 % (b) 45 %
(c) 30 % (d) None of these

103. A man is facing south. He turns 135 anti-clockwise and then 180 clockwise. Which
direction he is facing now ?
(a) North-East (b) West
(c) South-East (d) South-West
104. Insert the missing number in the following series :
4, 7, 11, 18, 29, 47, _____, 123, 199
(a) 76 (b) 70
(c) 84 (d) 102
105. A group of 1200 persons consists of soldiers and captains. If every 15 soldiers have one
captain, then the number of captains is
(a) 73 (b) 75
(c) 70 (d) 74
106. If the difference between 3/4 and 4/7 of a number is 100, then the number is
(a) 520 (b) 500
(c) 560 (d) 540
107. If 9  3 + 8 = 24, 10  2 + 7 = 35 and 80  40 + 3 = 6, then find the value of 12  4 + 3
(a) 7 (b) 9
(c) 12 (d) 16
108. The angle between the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock when time is 3 : 25 will
(a) 47
12 
(b) 42

(c) 60 (d) 45

109. How many triangles are there in the given figure ?
(a) 11 (b) 12
(c) 13 (d) 9
110. Which figure will come next ?
111. Find the smallest number which is when divided by 12, 16 and 18, the remainder in each
case is 5.
(a) 146 (b) 147
(c) 148 (d) 149
112. A 100 metre long train crosses a telephone pole in 10 seconds. Find the speed of the train.
(a) 36 km/hour (b) 33 km/hour
(c) 31 km/hour (d) 37 km/hour
113. Three views of a cube are given below. Which number is printed on the opposite face to
number 4 ?
(a) 5 or 6 (b) 3
(c) 6 (d) 2

114. If two cows and three horses cost ` 4,000 and three cows and two horses cost ` 3,500,
how much does a cow cost ?
(a) ` 1,500 (b) ` 1,000
(c) ` 500 (d) ` 2,000
115. If the product of two numbers is 320 and their ratio 1 : 5, then the sum of these two
numbers is
(a) 42 (b) 48
(c) 44 (d) 40
116. ‘X’ completes a job in 12 days. When ‘X’ has done the job for three days, ‘Y’ joins him
and they together complete the job in next three days. In how many days, ‘Y’ may alone
complete the job ?
(a) 4 (b) 8
(c) 10 (d) 6
117. In a class the average age of 30 students is 15 years. If the teacher is included then the
average age is increased by one year. Find the age of the teacher.
(a) 40 years (b) 45 years
(c) 46 years (d) 48 years
118. One lady, pointing to a man told that the father of his brother is the only son of my
grandfather. What is the relation of that lady with that man ?
(a) Mother (b) Sister
(c) Mother-in-law (d) Sister-in-law
119. The price of a commodity is increased by 60%. How much less percentage of the
commodity should be consumed by the consumer, so that expenditure on that commodity
should remain the same ?
(a) 37.5 % (b) 37 %
(c) 40.5 % (d) 60 %
120. A man bought two shirts for ` 650. He sold one of them at a gain of 7% and the other at a
loss of 6%. On the whole he neither gained nor lost ? The cost of the shirts, respectively,
(a) ` 300, ` 350 (b) ` 330, ` 320
(c) ` 350, ` 300 (d) ` 320, ` 330
12th March 2023, 05:01 PM
Re: ARO exam question paper

You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter
to be actually something which I think I would never understand.
It seems too complex and extremely broad for me. I am
looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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