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14th May 2018, 09:26 PM
Re: Annamalai University Cyber Security

I am pursuing PG Diploma in Cyber Security Course from Annamalai University. The University has released date sheet. I want old year question papers of this course, so will you provide link to download question papers of PG Diploma in Cyber Security Course of Annamalai University?
14th May 2018, 09:26 PM
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Re: Annamalai University Cyber Security

As you want to download old year question paper of PG Diploma in Cyber Security Course of Annamalai University, so here I am providing question paper:

Annamalai University PG Diploma in Cyber Security Question Paper:

1. Explain in detail the different types of topologies. (20)
2. a) Distinguish between networking and internetworking (5)
b) Explain the fields available in IP addressing with suitable examples. (15)
3. a) What are the services provided by the transport layer? (10)
b) Draw and explain in detail the state transmission diagram of TCP. (10)
4. a) Explain : HTTP, FTP, DNS and SMTP. (12)
b) Describe the principle of congestion control mechanism. (8)
5. a) Define protocol, packet switching, routers and gateways. (12)
b) Illustrate the tasks in webpage editing. (8)
6. What are the different types of cyber crime? Explain them with your non experience.(20)
7. What are the different tools available to detect anonymous emails? Explain the working
of any one tool. (20)
8. a) Which is the head office for cyber crime cell? (5)
b) How will you lodge a compliant about cyber crime? (5)
c) Comment on: Cyber crime ahead technology behind. (10)

1. Explain in detail about security in general, computer security, network security, information security, internet security and cyber security.
2. What do you mean by intruder? Explain the various intrusion techniques in detail.
3. What do you mean by IP address spoofing? With necessary sketch explain different types of firewalls.
4. Explain the following in detail:
a) Brute force attack
b) Worm
c) Trojan horses
d) Virus
5. How hackers steal money from bank account? Devise a method to prevent it.
6. What are the different types of hackers? Explain any four of them.
7. Explain any two intrusion prevention techniques.
8. a) What are good mechanisms for password recovery?
b) Bring out the need for anti-virus software.

a) What do you mean by legal recognition of electronic records?
b) Explain how will you provide authentication to electronic records.
2. Explain in detail the use of electronic records and digital signatures in Government and its agencies.
3. a) What do you mean by copy right, trade secret, patent, contract and trade mark? Give examples.
b) What are the uses of the decryption program DeCSS?
4. a) What is e-governance? Explain how e-governance is used to stream line the functioning of Annamalai University?
b) How IT Act provides security?
5. a) What is cyber space? How will you classify cyber offences?
b) Explain the tempering with computer source documents.
6. a) Bring out the importance of Adjudication.
b) Explain in detail the types of penalities leveled for cyber offences.
7. a) List the powers of investigation officers.
b) Explain a procedure to obtain patent for any research work.
8. Write a note on:
a) Indian cyber law
b) Cyber Appellate Tribunal
c) Technology vs Cyber crime
d) Lokpal report.
3rd May 2021, 07:27 AM
Re: Annamalai University Cyber Security

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