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8th February 2013, 05:19 PM
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Re: Anna University Syllabus For Aeronautical Engineering

You want BE Aeronautical Engineering syllabus of Anna University so I have it and I am sharing it with you:

Double integration and moment area methods, Conjugate beam method, Principle of superposition, Beams of constant strength, Compositebeams.

Clapeyron's three moment equation method, Moment distribution method.

Castigliano's theorem, Maxwells ' reciprocal theorem, Unit load method, Application to beams, trusses, frames, rings, etc.

Columns with various end conditions, column curves, Columns with initial curvature, with eccentric loading,

South well plot, short column formulae like Rankine's Johnsons, etc. Energy method.

Streamlined and bluff bodies, Aerofoil Characteristics, Pressure distribution round circular cylinder and aerofoils,
Aerofoil classification.

Types of drag, Effects of Reynold's number on skin friction and pressure drag, Drag reduction of airplanes.

Momentum theory of finite wings, Induced drag, Chrodwise and spanwise pressure distributions. Aspect ratio, Camber and planform characteristics drag polar.

Steady level flight, Thrust/power, available and required with altiltude Estimation of maximum level flight speed, conditions for minimum drag and minimum power required.

Maximum range, Minimum rate of skin a glide, Shallow angles of climb, Rates of climb, time to climb and ceilings, Glide hodograph.

Range and endurance of jet and propeller type of airplanes.
Estimation of take-off and landing distances. High lift devices, Use of thrust augmentation and reverse thrust.

For complete syllabus feel free to download attached pdf file.
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