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Question: Give me the list of Zoological Survey of India scientist list?

The Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) is a premier Indian organization in zoological research and studies.
The Zoological Survey of India was established in 1961.

Given below is the list of the ZSI scientist list:

Dr K. Venkataraman
Shri C. Radhakrishnan
Dr Kailash Chandra
Shri P T Bhutia
Dr Animesh Bal
Dr (Ms) K Rema Devi Scientist E,
Shri K C Gopi Scientist E
Dr (Ms) Padma Bohra Scientist D,
Dr S Z Siddiqui

For the detailed list, here is attachment:

ZSI Scientist list

Zoological Survey of India,
Prani Vigyan Bhawan,
New Alipore –
KOLKATA – 700053 (India)
Tel: Director –
033-24986820 / FAX: 033-24006893
Tel / FAX:
Head of Office – 033-24008595
Tel: EPBAX –
033-24006892 / 0901 / 6092 / 0646

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