What is salary for IIM students Ahmedabad?

Will you please provide me the PGPX salary of IIM Ahmedabad?


You are looking for the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX salary, for it here I am uploading a file from where you can download the IIM Ahmedabad PGPX placement report that also describe the salary package.
The PDF contains the following info:

1 Classification of entire placement pool:
2 Sector Wise Classification:
3 Function Wise Classification
4 Location Wise Classification
4.1 Global Classification
4.2 Indian Locations Classification
5 Salary Data
5.1 Salary Heads – Domestic (INR)
5.2 Salary Heads – International (USD)
5.3 Salary Statistics at PPP
5.4 Sector-wise classification of Salary –
5.5 Function-wise classification of Salary
5.6 Location-wise classification of Salary

For the detailed here is attachment:

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