WBJEE Physics Sample Papers


Give me sample paper of WBJEE Physics exam?

You are looking for sample paper of WBJEE Physics exam so here is its paper:

1. A point moves in a straight line so that its displacement x metre at time t sec is given by 221tx. Its acceleration in m/s2 at time t sec is (a) 31x (b) 211xx (c) 321xtx (d) 2xt

2. A projectile is thrown with an initial velocity of m/s)ˆˆ(jyix. If the range of the projectile is double the maximum height reached by it then (a) x = 2y (b) y = 2x (c) x = y (d) y = 4x

1. A heavy uniform chain lies on horizontal table top. If the coefficient of friction between the chain and the table surface is 0.25 then the maximum fraction of length of chain that can overhang on edge of table is (a) 20 % (b) 35 % (c) 25 % (d) 15 %

For complete paper feel free to download attached pdf file.

WBJEE Physics Sample Paper

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