St Joseph College Of Business Administration Bangalore

Question: What are PGDM course structure at St Joseph College Of Business Administration Bangalore?

Answer: Following is St Joseph College Of Business Administration PGDM course structure:

Term 1:
Statistics for Managers
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
Managerial Economics
Accounting for Managers I
Organizational Behavior
Written & Oral Communication skills

Term 2:
Marketing Management I
Corporate Finance I
Human Resource Management
Operations Research
Accounting for Managers II
Information Systems for Managers
Macro Economics

Term 3:
Organisational Structures, Process and Design
Corporate Finance II
Business Laws
Marketing Management II
Public Policy
Operations Management
Research Methodology

Term 4:
Strategic Management
Business Ethics & Life Issues
Total Quality Management
Specialization Courses
Two courses each from your chosen areas

Term 5&6:
Specialization Courses in your chosen areas:
Human Resources

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