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Question: Give me MBA course structure of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University School of Management Studies Hyderabad?


As you need to know about syllabus of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University School of Management Studies Hyderabad does offer MBA program and here I am providing you MBA course structure here:

Semester – I

1. Management Theory and Practice
2. Managerial Economics
3. Research Methodology and Statistical Tools
4. Financial Accounting and Analysis
5. Business Law and Regulation
6. Business Environment
7. English Language Communication Skills
8. English Language Communication Skills Lab

Semester – II

9. Human Resource Management
10. Financial Management
11. Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
12. Production and Operations Management
13. Marketing Management
14. ERP and MIS
15. Information Technology Lab
16. Company Analysis Report Submission followed by Seminar Viva

Semester III
17. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
18. Costs and Management Accounting
19. Organisational Behaviour
20. Elective I
21. Elective II
22. Elective III
23. Industry Analysis Report followed by Seminar Viva

Semester IV
24. Strategic Management
25. Management of Technology
26. Elective IV
27. Elective V
28. Project Work

A.service marketing
B.Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
C.Strategic HRMConsumer Behaviour
D.Data Warehousing and Data Mining

A.consumer Behaviour
B.Financial Services & Institutions
c.Management of Industrial Relations

A.Retailing Management
B.Business Ethics
c.Knowledge Management

Elective IV
A.International Marketing
B.International Financial Management
C.Performance Management
D.Information Systems Control & Audit

Elective V
A.Advertising, Sales Promotion and Distribution
B.Strategic Investment and Financing Decisions
C.Management of Change
D.Decision Support Systems

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