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Question: I am thinking of doing MBA in International Management from Pforzheim University Germany so please give me course structure?

The Pforzheim University Germany offers MBA in International Management. Here is the course overview of the program:

Semester 1
AQM5011 Statistics for Managers
BAE5201 Supply Chain Management
BIS5015 Information Management
ECO5011 Foundations in Microeconomics
ECO5012 Foundations in Macroeconomics
GMT5211 Foundations in Financial Accounting
GMT5213 Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis
HRM5223 Foundations in Human Resources Management
MKT5221 Foundations in Marketing
SIC5101 Scientific Writing and Literature Research
SIC5102 Presentation Skills

Semester 2
ACC5101 Business Controlling in an International Context
ESR5021 Global Economic Integration
ESR5022 Social Responsibilities for Sustainable Development
GMT5701 Decision Making
GMT5702 Change Management
GMT5703 Leadership
MKT5111 Determinants of Innovation Performance
MKT5301 International Business Development
SIC5103 Negotiation Skills
SIC5104 Cross Cultural Communication
SIC6042 Project Management

Semester 3
ACC5011 International Financial Reporting Standards
ECO5021 Doing Business in Germany and Europe
ECO5022 European Economics and Political Relations
ECO5023 European Financial Markets
ESR5111 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Management
FIN6013 Advanced Corporate Finance
GMT6021 Company Project / Project Work
GMT6031 Strategic Management
MCO6012 Brand Management
MKT5112 Product Development and Design
MKT6101 Integrated Marketing Communication
MKT6102 Sales and Distribution Management
MKT6103 Service Marketing
MKT6104 B2B – Marketing

Semester 4
COL6995 Master Thesis Colloquium
GMT6141 Management Simulation
THE6996 Master Thesis

Graduate School of Pforzheim University
Tiefenbronnerstrasse 65
D-75175 Pforzheim
Phone: +49 (0)7231 – 28 – 6099
Fax: +49 (0)7231 – 28 – 7099

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