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Question: Can anyone provide me BA Economics syllabus offer by Osmania University?

Answer: You want Osmania University BA Economics syllabus so here it is:

Module I Economic Development

Meaning of Economic Growth & Development, measures of Economic Development – GNP, PCI, PQLI and HDI, Factors influencing economic development – Balanced and unbalanced growth. Choice of Techniques, Concept of Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth.

Module II : Structure of the Indian Economy.

Basic features; Natural resources–Land ,water and forest resources ; Basic Demographic features – Growth of population – Rural and Urban population Occupational distribution population – distribution; National Income in India – Trends and composition; Poverty, and unemployment ; Current Five year plan – Objectives and Allocation of Resources ; L P G Policies in India.

Complete syllabus is given in attached word file. You are free to download it.

Osmania University BA Economics syllabus

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