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Can anyone provide me Orissa JEE Syllabus for Lateral Entry Courses?

You want Orissa JEE Syllabus for Lateral Entry Courses so here is its syllabus:

1. Syllabi for Lateral Entry Stream ( Diploma )

The syllabi given here for OJEE 2013 ( Lateral entry diploma holders in Engineering / Technology ) is only illustrative and not exhaustive. Since OJEE 2013 is conducted with a view to prepare a relative merit list only for admission, the decision of the OJEE 2013 committee as regards to the scope of syllabi is final. This paper is common to all the discipline except Pharmacy.

(A) Basic Electrical Engineering

Fundamentals : Concept of Source and Load, Ohm’s Law, Concept of resistance, Series and Parallel DC circuits, Kirchhoff’s Laws,Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic Induction, Fleming’s Left Hand Rule and Right Hand Rule.

If you want complete syllabus then feel free to download file which I am uploading for you.

OJEE Lateral Entry Course Syllabus

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