NISG website is the official website of the National Institute for Smart Government (NISG) renders a broad vision into the ideology. NISG is a vertex consultancy body which renders its fundamental and operation level management expertise to the Government of India to fulfill its E-Governance Projects. It is a specific organization which intentions at changing the Government (Ministries and Departments) to furnish the PPP model and at the same time supplying the best out of the 2 worlds (Public and Private sectors). The institute continuously updates its website and puts all to the point information for students.

NISG allows users to visit the site, download documents, and copy information for purely personal and non-commercial use only. NISG does not allow any authority to resell, spread or make derivative works from any of the capacities posted in this site. Nothing on this site or its contents shall be construed, implicitly or explicitly, as comprising any recommendations. NISG allows the right in its sole discretion to alter limit or discontinue the site or any contents in any respect.

National Institute for Smart Government,
1st Floor, Astra Towers, Opp CII Building,
Hi-Tech City, Kondapur,
Hyderabad (AP) – 500084
Phone: (91).40.3028.5696
Fax: (91).40.3028.5723

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