Give me MBA first semester core courses list offer at MIT Sloan MBA course?

Answer: Following is MIT Sloan MBA first semester core courses list:

Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
Introduces students to the principles of microeconomic analysis used in managerial decision making. Topics include demand analysis, cost and production functions, the behavior of competitive and noncompetitive markets, sources and uses of market power, and game theory and competitive strategy, with applications to various business and public policy decisions. Antitrust policy and other government regulations also are discussed.

Data, Models, and Decisions
Introduces students to the basic tools in using data to make informed management decisions. Covers introductory probability, decision analysis, basic statistics, regression, simulation, linear and nonlinear optimization, and discrete optimization. Computer spreadsheet exercises, cases, and examples are drawn from marketing, finance, operations management, and other management functions.

Communication for Leaders

Focuses on the writing and speaking skills necessary for a career in management. Students polish communication strategies and methods through discussion, examples, and practice. Several written and oral assignments, most based on material from other subjects and from career development activities. Schedule and curriculum coordinated with Organizational Processes class.

Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching acts as a lab component to Communication for Leaders, and provides students additional opportunities to hone their communication skills through a variety of in-class exercises. Emphasis is on both individual and team communication.

Rest of list is given in pdf file which I am uploading for you and you are free to download it.

MIT Sloan MBA core Courses list

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