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Hello sir my name is Vishnu and I want to take admission at the MBA course in Jadavpur University so can you provide me the fees details and the admission process of MBA?


Here I am providing you all the concern details of the course in the attached file.
Here are some of the content of the file

a) Admission Fee:
Rs. 10,000/-

b) Library Caution Money Deposit (refundable):
Rs. 5,500/-

c) Subscription for Students Forum :
Rs. 5,500/-

d) Course Fee (for 3 year):

Rs. 2,40,000/-, (at the time of Admission Rs. 1,40,000/- and the balance Rs. 1,00,000/- *before the 2nd year 1st Semester )

For the complete information you can download the attached file

Jadavpur University MBA

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