MBA in Nutrition

MBA in Nutrition

MBA and masters nutrition degree program will offer scholars with multi-management abilities so that they will be well eligible for administrative positions in nutrition/foodservice associations. Bachelors of this dual degree program will likely increase both career choices and average commencing salaries.

Programs for MBA in Nutrition

Research Design or Statistics (3 hrs):
BUS 5153 Research Methods in Business
or MATH 5573 Statistical Methods I

Research (3-6 hrs):
NFS 5983 Thesis and NFS 5993 Thesis
or BUS 5983 Thesis and BUS 5993 Thesis
or NFS 5973**

Seminar (2 hrs):
NFS 5721 Seminar in Food Systems Admin
or NFS 5331 Seminar in Nutrition

Contacts Details
Carolyn Bednar, Ph.D., R.D.
Dept of Nutrition & Food Sciences
Mobile: 940-898-2658

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