International Institute for Management Development was organized in the year 1990 following the merger of two management education centers that were primitively produced by Alcan and Nestle. The IMD is a most top graduate business schools in the world school situated in Lausanne, Switzerland. IMD is found as a business school that solely allows for executive education; it is ambitiously not part of a university and there are no academic departments, but just one integrated multidisciplinary faculty. The school’s MBA program is a one-year program, which runs from January by December, with a short summer break. The MBA program focuses strongly on general management instead of functional expertise, and as a result the majorities (70%) of the graduates generally get recruited among the industry sector against with investment banks and consulting firms, as is the case with the other major schools.

Programme offered by IMD
IMD has two main educational offerings:
Degree programs:
The MBA and the EMBA program
Executive education: open enrollment and company custom programs

Contact for IMD
International Institute for Management Development
Post address.
Ch. de Bellerive 23,
P.O. Box 915,

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