MBA Banking Finance

MBA Banking Finance
MBA Banking & Finance Programme The MBA (Banking & Finance) Programme, specifically planned for Bankers, is offered by nationwide network of Study Centres of IGNOU. Â grew cooperative by School of Management Studies, IGNOU and the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF),

MBA Syllabus (Banking & Finance)
Semester I
Compulsory subjects

CT 26 Principles of Management
CT 73 Managing Men
CT 74 Accounts and finance for Managers
Optional Subject (select any one)
CT 31 Business Environment
Award : Diploma in Management

Semester II
Compulsory subjects

CT 19 Production and Operations Management
CT 33 Marketing Management
CT 71 Managerial Economics
Optional Subject (select any one)
CT 10 Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
CT 20 Quantitative Techniques for Managers
Award : Executive Diploma in Management

Semester III
CT 27 FOREX Management
CT 75 Multinational financial Management
CT 76 Finance Markets & Services
CT 77 Working Capital Management
CT 78 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
Award: PG Diploma in Finance

Semester IV
Compulsory subjects

CT 25 International Trade
CT 28 Project Management
CT 29 Business Laws

Optional Subject (select any one)
CT 38 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
CT 50 Project Work
Award : MBA (Banking & Finance)

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