Manipur University MSc in Life Science

Question: Give me M.Sc. Life Science syllabus of Manipur University?


As you are searching for syllabus of M.Sc so here I am providing M.Sc. Life Science syllabus of Manipur University:

Semester 1:
LS-401 Cell Biology & Genetics I
LS-402 Biological Chemistry
LS-403 Principle of Ecology
LS-414 Angiosperm
LS-415 Micology & Plant Pathology
LS-424 Comparative Anatomy
LS-425 Developmental Biology & Histochemistry
LS-434 P Cell Biology, Biological Chemistry & Ecology
LS-444 P Angiosperms, Mycology and Plant Pathology
LS-454 P Comparative Anatomy, Developmental Biology & Histochemistry

Semester 2:
LS-501 Cell Biology & Genetics II
LS-502 Immunology & Microbiology
LS-503 Environmental Biology
LS-514 Plant Physiology
LS-515 Cryptograms, Gymnosperms & Paleobotany
LS-524 Animal Physiology
LS-525 Evolution & Biosystematics
LS-534P Cell Biology & Genetics, Immunology
& Microbiology & Environmental Biology
LS-544 P Plant Physiology, Gymnosperms and Paleobotany
LS-554 P Animal Physiology & Biosystematics

Semester 3:
LS-601 Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
LS-602 Bioinstrumentation
LS-613 Applied Botany
LS-614 Applied Zoology
Special Papers Animal Physiology/Ecology/Entomology/
Fishery/Genetics/Parasitology/Plant Pathology/

Special Paper – I LS-625/635/645/655/665/675/685/695
Special Paper-II LS-626/636/646/656/666/676/686/696

Practical Paper (Common)
LS-616P Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, Bio instrumentation & Applied Botany/Applied Zoology
Special Paper Practical LS-627P/637P/647P

Semester 4:
LS-701 Molecular Biology & Biotechnology II
LS-702 Biostatics & Computer Application
LS-713 Ethnobotany & Biodiversity
LS-714 Ethology
Entomology/Special Papers Animal Physiology/ /Genetics Ecology/ Fishery
/Parasitology/Plant Pathology

Special Paper I LS-726/736/746/756/766/776/786/796
Special Paper II LS-727/737/747/757/767/777/787/797

Practical Papers: (Common Paper)

LS-716 P Molecular Biology & Biotechnology,
Biostatistics & Computer Applications, and Ethnobotany & Biodiversity/Ethology

Special Paper Practical LS-728P/738P/748P/758P/768P/778P/788P/798P/

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