Management of NIM to help me for my better preparation for PGDBA

Give me PGDBA course curriculum of National Institute of Management for better preparation.

Following is PGDBA course curriculum of National Institute of Management:

Semester One (6 Months)
101General Management and Business Enviourment
102Communication and Soft Skills
104Computers in Management
106Business Law

Semester Two (6 Months)
201 . Principles of Marketing
202Finance (Management Accounting, Costing and Principles of Finance)
203Human Resource
204Production and Service
205 Economics
206Project Work

Semester Three (6 Months)
301. Marketing Research
302 .Sales and Distribution
303 .Sales Promotion and Advertising
304 .Services
305 .International Marketing
306 .Retail Marketing and Management
307 Project Work

Semester Four (6 Months)
Optional:-Finance, Retail and HRM

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