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Will you please provide me some of ISB MBA interview questions?

You are looking for the ISB MBA interview questions, here I am giving:

ISB MBA Interview Questions

How your company would be affected by the recession.
Where do you derive the motivation for your energy?
You recommendations say that you have achieved targets under stringent timelines. How do you manage to do that?
So what were the innovative initiatives you took?
So tell us about the challenges of leading a team.
Tell us about the core qualities of a high performing team.
How have you grown personally since the last application?
What are the firms that you would like to work for?
We see that you won the award for a Geeky idea, what was that?
You have mentioned leadership at so many places in your application. What qualities do you feel constitute leadership?
Why a sudden interest in community service? (I had joined an NGO about 5 months ago)
Do you think that in current situation, tech-consulting jobs would be easy to come by?
Why burden yourself financially with an MBA at this time.
Take an example. Britannia has come up with a product that is working really well in the market. What would be your strategy for ITC?
There’s a 100 storey building. There r 4 lifts: each servicing successive 25 floors. They are state of the art lifts. Yet the users of the lift are unhappy with them. Why?
Do you have any questions for us?
Only about 5% of the class gets into top consulting firms. What if you don’t? What is your plan B?
What I liked most in me?? The Engineer?? or The IT prof?? or The Entrepreneur??
You mentioned wireless networks sometime ago. What will be the market size in India?
How many people do you lead in a project?
You have quoted leadership in your essays. Can you tell what the defining moment in leadership was for you?
Assuming you are an advisor to Ram Mynampati, what advice would you give him?
What are your plans after ISB?
Are you saying Indian IT has solution to this meltdown?
So why MBA now? You have had a good run so far?
What do you want to do after your MBA?
Suppose you are a delegate of Indian IT to Barack Obama, how would you convince him to do outsourcing?
A question about a line in my hobby which she found interesting.
What makes you different?
You have written that you are a very innovative person, can you give some examples?
Your immediate post MBA position that you are looking for
What feedback did you get reg. your last application?
Why a Ship will float where as a piece of Steel will not?? Screwed up here and finally was assisted by Mr. Menon in understanding this.
Can you describe your career after 12th and also the reasons for the decisions you took?
We are interested to know what an omnivorous reader means.
Walk us thru your career?
How u see that u adhere to SLAs in current role?5. What is ur greatest achievement so far?6. What kind of satisfaction u got from it?
Rate yourself on analytical skills.
Why ISB?

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