Institute of Cooperative Management Dehradun

Introduction:- The Institute of Cooperative Management offers a long term programme; Higher Diploma in Cooperative Management (HDCM) and Diploma in Cooperative Industrial Management The Institute of Cooperative Management, Dehradun offers a wide range of programmes covering mixture of sectors and functional areas.

Institute of Cooperative Management was established in 1965 as an In-service training center for directors of Cooperative organizations. Institute is well equipped with the state-of-the-art Computer center along with internet facilities. This institute Affiliated to U.A. Technical University Dehradun.. Sports facilities, Table-tennis, Badminton, Volley Ball etc.

Institute of Cooperative Management behaviors about 50 MDPs and executive growth programs in different sectoral and functional areas such as Credit and Banking, Marketing, Processing, Industrial, Consumer, etc. This institute also makes use of the training facilities offered by the meeting every year. and these facilities are provided like TCS Colombo Plan, SCAAP, ITEC, some private scholars are also admitted on self-finance basis.

Course offered:-
Master of Business Administration – MBA

Admission Process:-

Contact address:-
Institute of co-operative management
(6-Mussoorie Road, Rajpur, Dehradun)
Address :
6, Old Mussorie Road,
Rajpur, Dehradun (Uttaranchal) 248009
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