ILI English School

ILI English School
Since 1970, the International Language Institute has taught English to thousands of scholar from all division of the world. ILI has become known for its awesome teaching and friendly ambiance and is devoted to supplying quality language education as well as the help, services, and affirms our scholars demand to learn efficaciously in the United States. ILI extends intensifier English courses, interactive classes and individualized training, the chance to take year-round intensive English language courses with the start dates every month, small classes, research lab and a certificate of culmination at the end of each session successfully saw. Scholars will take a placement test to start at a suitable level, whether elementary, intermediate, or encouraged.

Offered program
Certificate Program
Intensive TOEFL Preparation
GRE and GMAT Preparation

International Language Institute
1337 Connecticut Ave, NW,
4th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Tel 202-362-2505
Fax 202-686-5603

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