IITR Lucknow

Question: I want to know about the sponsored projects of IITR Lucknow?


The following is the list of sponsored projects of Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow:

Monitoring and assessment of Gomti river quality GAP (Phase II)
Acute oral toxicity of product/resultant aquatreat 7201 chlorine dioxide
Analysis of ground water to ascertain their potability
Analysis of lime sludge sample
Analysis of soil and ground water samples from different locations of Gorakhpur region
Anodized PTFE implications
Asbestos fire count in working zone area
Environmental monitoring
Environmental monitoring and preparation of monthly and annual audit reports
Environmental monitoring and testing
Impact of plastics waste disposal on soil and water quality at Lucknow dumpsite
Long term safety and toxicity test of Lac dye
Long term study on packaging of wheat and rice in PP/HDPE bags
Monitoring of environmental parameters
Monitoring of pollution parameters by third party
Preparation of environmental audit reports on annual and monthly basis
Short term toxicity study of Gambier
Third party testing of environmental parameters and effluent water testing including preparation of annual environmental audit report
Toxicity test of Polyaluminium chloride
Toxicity testing of farm product
Toxicological studies of polyelectrolyte

Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
Post Box No. 80, Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Lucknow – 226 001, India
Phone (Director’s Office): +91-522-2621856, 2628227, 2613357
Phone (EPBX, M.G. Marg Campus): +91-522-2627586, 2613786
Phone (EPBX, Gheru Campus): +91-522-2476051, 2476057
Fax: +91-522-2628227, 2611547

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