Graduate Diploma in Zoology

Graduate Diploma in Zoology
The University of Western Australia faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences is offered Graduate Diploma in Science (Zoology). The Graduate Diploma in Science offers an opportunity for graduates to upgrade or cover their qualifications in a field of study not extended in depth in their undergraduate studies. Diploma in Zoology course will offer you with a comprehensive understanding of the function, structure, variety and evolution of animals, too as the interaction of animals with each other and the environment. Zoology is the science of studying and understanding animals living on land, in freshwater or in the sea. Diploma in Zoology comprises the largest cluster of zoological researchers in tropical Australia. The program tends to focus on whole animal biology and ecology, a focus becoming progressively uncommon in universities.

Course Name:
Graduate Diploma in Science (Zoology)
Duration: 1 year full Time

Candidates must have a 3-year Bachelor degree and have completed the equivalent of first-year units in the intended field of specialisation from a recognized University.

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