Funding Agencies

Give me the list of the Funding Agencies?


You are looking for the list of the Funding Agencies, there are many funding agencies in al over world, the list I am giving here:

International Organisations
Foreign Governments & Governmental Organisations
Foreign Non-Governmental Organisations
Indian Government and Governmental Organisations
Indian Non-Governmental Organisations & Businesses

For the detailed list, here is attachment:
Funding Agencies in all over world

Indian Council of Medical Research
P.O. Box No. 4911
Ansari Nagar
New Delhi – 110029
Telephone Nos. 91-11-26588895, 91-11-26588980, 91-11-26589794, 91-11-26589336, 91-11-26588707
Fax 91-11-26588662

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