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Default Re: Test for Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension Questions test Your Ability to Understand a Passage and Answer Questions on the Basis of What is Stated and implied in the passage.

Compared to average reader, the accomplished reader reads with?
Ahigher speed and worse reading comprehension
Bhigher speed and better reading comprehension
Chigher speed and same reading comprehension

Readers reading above 1000 wpm?
AAre average readers
BAre the majority of readers
CAre the 1 % minority

The average reading speed is around?
A120 wpm
B150 wpm
C200 wpm

The average reader comprehension is around?
A50 %
B60 %
C85 %

A sprinter running as the average reader reads, runs 100m in?
A10 seconds (near record time)
B35 seconds (jogging)
C70 seconds (walking speed)

Which is the most effective way to acquire knowledge from information?
Awatching TV
Breading text
Clistening to a speaker

The average speaking speed of a race driver is around?
A120 mph
B150 wpm
C200 wpm

Most computer users want to?
AImprove typing
BImprove reading
CBuy a larger screen

What will lessen the importance of fast typing?
BMore ergonomic keyboards
CProgress in voice recognition

A speed reading seminar or book lacks?
ARapid results
BConsistent practice
CDeep enough explanations

What is probably the best way to reach top level reading efficiency?
Aa speed reading book
Ba speed reading seminar
Ca speed reading software

The 16th century was an age of great exploration.

A. cosmic
B. land
C. mental
D. common man
E. None of the above

Magellan lost the favor of the king of Portugal when he became involved in a political
A. entanglement
B. discussion
C. negotiation
D. problem
E. None of the above

The Pope divided New World lands between Spain and Portugal according to their location on one side or the other of an imaginary geographical line 50 degrees west of Greenwich that extends in a _________ direction.

A. north and south
B. crosswise
C. easterly
D. south east
E. north and west

One of Magellan's ships explored the of South America for a passage across the continent.

A. coastline
B. mountain range
C. physical features
D. islands
E. None of the above

Four of the ships sought a passage along a southern

A. coast
B. inland
C. body of land with water on three sides
D. border
E. Answer not available

The passage was found near 50 degrees S of

A. Greenwich
B. The equator
C. Spain
D. Portugal
E. Madrid

In the spring of 1521, the ships crossed the now called the International Date Line.

A. imaginary circle passing through the poles
B. imaginary line parallel to the equator
C. area
D. land mass
E. Answer not available
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