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Default Territorial Army Officers exam question paper

Will you please provide me the question paper of Territorial Army Officers exam?
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Default Re: Territorial Army Officers exam question paper

Ok, as you want the question paper of Territorial Army Officers exam so here I am providing you

Territorial Army Officers exam question paper

Section 1

Part 1 (Essay)

A) Write an essay in about 300 words in any one of the topics mentioned below? (Marks – 30)

1) Role of Army Navy Air Force in Uttarakhand flood tragedy.
2) Write about controversy Over CAG report regarding improper Allocation of Coal Blocks.
3) Case on Ranbaxy in US.
4) Election in Pakistan.
5) India China relationship.


B) Comprehension passage (5 marks)

The duty of armed forces comes in extra ordinary adverse situations. For those situations, there is a force which makes the society stable. Police maintain law & order in the country .Police protects customs and religious rights of people. It protects the people of the country. It helps the gentle and law abiding citizens. Police capture the anti-social persons and hand over to the court. Court punish them, the fear of punishment makes the anti-social persons no to do any crime. Police make the irresponsible people responsible towards their duty. However, all the powers lie in the hand of ministers and inspector General of Police.

1) What is the meaning of customs and religious rights in the passage?
2) In extra ordinary adverse situation which organization does its duty?
3)4)5):not able to recollect.

C)Antonyms (5 marks)

4)5):not able to recollect.


1) Where is doldrums effect occurs?
Ans-Sub tropical region

2) How many Gold Medal P.T. Usha won in 1986 Asian games in Seoul?

3) Who was runner up for ICC world cup cricket in 2013 (Men's)?
Ans-Controversial question

4) Chlorophyll has one metal content?

5) Red soil is suitable for which crops?
Ans-Millets, Sugarcane, Ragi

6) Martin Luther King was from which country?

7) Reinforcement movement was initiated by?
Ans-Martin Luther

8) Paris is situated in the bank of which river?

9) Quit India movement was initiated in year?

10) Which is not a permanent member of UN security council?

11) How soap work?
Ans-soap mix with oil and separate it from dirt.

12) Who was first Governor General of free India?
Ans- Lord Mountbatten

13) Capital of Iceland?

14) Raja Ram Mohan Rai Established By?
Ans-Brahmo Samaj

15) Capital of Sudan?

16) Where is Kilimanjaro Volcano?

17) Where is Angkot Vishnu Temple located?

18) When did Saurav Gangulay first played for India?
Ans-11 Jan .1992

19) When did India got its first Gold medal in Olympic Games?

20) Who heads the planning commission?
Ans- Prime Minister

21) Oral rehydration therapy ORT is used for?

22) The action of bile on is?

23) Kilowatt per Hour is unit of?
Ans-Electric energy

24) White revolution is about of which product?

25) The instrument used for measuring air pressure?

26) Aryabhataa was the contemporary of which king??

27) Pallavs ruled in which states?

28) McMahon line is border of?
Ans-India & China

29) Submarine uses which instrument?

30) Which kind of mirror is used in periscope?
Ans-Plane mirror

31) Which is not a Rabi corps?

32) Buddhism Literature is written in which language?

33) What kind of reaction is nerve impulse send?

34) Urea is separated/produced by which organ?

35) Who was first Indian to sail in boat around the world alone?
Ans-Lieutenant Commander Abhilash Tomy

36) Which is called heat waves also?

37) Who makes oath to President?
Ans-Chief Justice India

38) Which of these is example of Public litigation, Court take action?
Ans-Judicial Activism

39) Nthula Pass is situated in?

40) When did India adopted its constitution?
Ans-26th Jan, 1950

41) Where is Gulf of Mannar?

42) Which fact is right about leaving of Britishers from India
Ans- indian national army forced them

43) Emergency cannot be imposed in which of following conditions?
Ans-Political disturbance

44) Name of the line joining equal rain falling places?

45) Which is not a real fruit?

46) rain shadow area?
Ans-Orographic rain

47) What is Photo synthesis?

48) What is the name of the tiger used as mascout in commonwealth games?
Ans- Raju

49) Which is the top award given to any Indian for literature, science and art?

50) Lance Armstrong belongs to which country?

51) When did Quit India movement started?

52) Kovvada Nuclear power plant is in which state?
Ans-Andra Pradesh

53) Dada Saheb Falke award is given for?

54) Which state produces most coffee in India?

55) Which is called evening star?

56) Which is not a Mammal?

57) Which is not a component of Milk?
Ans-vitamin c

58) How water get acidic?
Ans- due to the dissolved oxygen

59) Sodium kept in which liquid?

60) Which actor won the best actor award in National Film Award 2012?
Ans- Irfan Khan & Vikram Gokhle
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