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Default Re: Syllabus Of RPSC

As per your concern I will get the Statistical Office syllabus issued by Rajasthan Public Service Commission so that you can cover your course.

Here is the syllabus
1. Descriptive Statistics: Types of Data, Collection, Classification, Tabulation and Diagrammatic Presentation of data. Measures of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis.

2. Correlation and Regression: Karl Pearson and Rank correlation coefficients, Multiple and Partial Correlation, Linear Regression. Method of Least Squares.

3. Probability: Classical and Axiomatic approaches of probability, Conditional Probability, Bayes theorem, Simple problems on Probability. Random variable and Mathematical Expectation with applications, Chebychev’s inequality .

4. Probability Distributions: Uniform, Binomial, Negative Binomial, Poisson, Exponential, Rectangular, Normal, Gamma, Cauchy, Beta Distributions with properties and applications. Central limit theorem.

5. Sampling Distributions: Chi-square, t and F Distributions and their applications.

6. Multivariate Analysis: Multivariate Normal Distribution, Hotelling’s T2 distribution. Discriminant, Principal Component and Factor Analysis. Multiple Regression Analysis, Multi Colinearity. Wishart’s distribution and its properties.

7. Theory of Estimation: Point and Interval estimation, Properties of estimator, Methods of Estimation –
Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood estimates, Cramer-Rao inequality. Confidence intervals and
confidence limits.

8. Testing of Hypothesis: Concept of Hypothesis, Types of error in testing, Critical Region and level of
significance, p values, Neyman Pearson Lemma. One and two tailed tests based on small and large

9. Non-Parametric Tests: Run, Sign, Median, and Kolmogorov- Smirnov one and two sample tests.
10. Design of Sample Survey: Sampling Unit, Sampling frame, Sampling fraction, Sampling with and
without replacement, Population Parameter and Sample estimator, efficiency, accuracy and precision,
sampling and non sampling errors, Simple random sampling, Probability proportion to Size with
replacement, Sampling with varying probability- with and without replacement, stratified random
sampling, systematic sampling, cluster sampling, multistage sampling, ratio and regression methods of

11. Design of Experiments: Analysis of variance for one way and two way classified data, Transformation
of data, Uniformity trials, Principles of Design of experiments .Completely Randomized DesignRandomized Block Design, Latin Square Design, missing plot techniques. 2n
factorial experiments,
Complete and Partial confounding. Split Plot and Strip Plot designs, BIB and PBIB designs. Analysis of

12. Time Series Analysis: Components, Measurements of Trend, Seasonal, Cyclical and irregular
variations, Autocorrelation, Auto regression, Periodogram.

13. Index Number: Uses, types and limitations of index numbers, construction of index numbers, simple
and weighted aggregate method, Simple and weighted average price-relatives, Chain base index numbers,
Base shifting, Splicing and Deflating of Index numbers, Cost of Living index numbers.

14. Vital Statistics: Collection of vital statistics, Measurement of population, Measures of Mortality and
Fertility rates, life tables, Population growth, Gross reproduction Rate, Net reproduction Rate.

15. Statistical Organization in India: CSO, NSSO, National Income Statistics, Population Census.

16. Agriculture Statistics: Importance of Statistics in Agriculture, Agricultural statistical system in India,
Agricultural Census, Livestock Census, Land use statistics. Agriculture Survey. National Agricultural
Production Index, Crop production Index.

17. Statistical Genetics: Physical basis in inheritance, Analysis of segregation, Detection and Estimation
of Linkage for qualitative characters. Genetic Variance and its partitioning. Correlation between Relatives.
Heritability, Repeatability and Genetic correlation

Rajasthan Public Service Commission
Ghooghara Ghati, Jaipur Road, Ajmer 305001

0145-5151200, 5151240 & 5151090
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